Miss NiNi’s Melting Pot – The Bakers

When I was a third grader in country school, my teacher, Mrs. Arntz, broached the subject of American history and the formative years of our great country with an initial reference to our native America as a “melting pot.” As I reflect on that memory, I think it quite coincidental that she taught this lesson […]

Taking the BOO-HOOs Out of Baking – Pan Preparation

You’ve taken time out of your busy schedule to do something extra special for your family—perhaps, something like baking a well-loved special treat. The dusty family cookbook or recipe file comes out of hibernation. “Now, where is that recipe for Grandma’s banana bread?” you mutter to yourself. “It’s got to be here somewhere! Ahh, there […]

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Featured in November / December 2016 issue of Midwest Living, Miss NiNi makes only the finest desserts to pick up or have shipped directly to your door.

"Miss NiNi's Fine Desserts creates the most delicious cheesecakes in the world"
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