Superstar Mr. Goldman

“I’ll need 40 pounds of flour, 50 pounds of sugar, nine dozen large eggs, two gallons of milk, and 10 pounds of butter please.” Dear Readers, presently, that weekly request is not uncommon for Miss NiNi. However, over 80 years ago, I would have had a very different experience gathering and purchasing ingredients to be […]

July 16, 2016: Family Fun in the Kitchen With LaVon and Miss NiNi

In this week’s podcast, Lavon and Miss NiNi share the recipe for a unique cake to make. Listen below or click this link for more: Swiss Hazelnut Cake—Cook’s Country Dec/Jan 2016 Ingredients for Cake 2 oz. skin-on hazelnuts, toasted and cooled 1 1/4 c. (5 oz.) cake flour 1 c. (7 oz.) granulated sugar 1 1/2 […]