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New Honoree in Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court

With daughters whose names are “Cinnamon” and “Ginger,” it’s easily understood that my newest honoree into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court is a heartfelt baker…and a multi-time, multi-contest award-winning baker at that! I am so excited to introduce you to Anita (Mrs. Denny) VanGundy, Des Moines. Even though I had associated Anita’s name with state […]

October 11, 2014: Family Fun in the Kitchen with LaVon & Miss NiNi

If you didn’t catch LaVon and Miss NiNi this week you missed out! You are going to want to add this brownie recipe to your collection. It’s a classic! Click below to play the podcast or visit this link: CLASSIC BROWNIES–Cook’s Illustrated—March & April 2004 (Also tested in Miss NiNi’s “food lab,” capturing a Miss […]

Old Friends

I have a collection of cookbooks—so many in fact that drawers and shelves have the distinct honor of encapsulating my collection. Now, Dear Readers, do I have favorite recipes from each of these bound recipe collections? Not at all! But some day when my life’s schedule allows me to peruse the contents within those dusty […]

Miss NiNi—the “Mixturator”

Let me introduce you to Miss NiNi, the “Mixturator.” What in the world is that you might ask? If madly dashing to your copy of Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary or to discover the definition, there will be a void of nothingness regarding the word, “mixturator.” Dear Readers, let me “unpack” this creative tidbit of my […]

September 27, 2014: Family Fun in the Kitchen with LaVon and Miss NiNi

Here is the Setpember 27, 2014 episode of Family Fun in the Kitchen with LaVon and Miss NiNi. The broadcast airs weekly on KJAN AM 1220, FM 101.1 in Atlantic, Iowa. You can listen by streaming the broadcast below or following this link: And here is the featured recipe: Squash and Apple Soup Requires about an […]