A Bit of Baking Sunshine

I wear this daily. As a matter of fact, Dear Readers, if I do not have the strings of clothing simplicity tied around my waist, I feel somewhat naked.

This one-piece cover that serves as a daily embracing hug is my apron!

Day after day, one might think that I don an apron for protection of the clothing I wear underneath its surface. Yes…and no!

For Miss NiNi, its purpose goes far beyond that!

My Daily Fashion Fix

Think of my apron as the highlight of my daily professional fashion fix! This cover-up sets the schedule for my day. When it is securely in place on my body, the ovens need be ready for a great workout! Now, that energizes me, Dear Readers!

To some of you, this description may seem a little farfetched!  And perhaps, it is.

I’m certain that when my grandmas wore aprons, their compassion for this little garment was far different than mine. I can almost guarantee that functionality had to have been its number one purpose. From the dawning of day to bedtime, it served to keep clothing clean. It goes beyond that with a myriad of purposes though.

For example, how many of your crocodile tears of sadness were gently wiped away by its smooth cotton fabric?  More than likely, it wiped a few drippy noses, too. Do you remember those times?

Why use a bucket to hold grain to scatter to free-range chickens when an apron would provide the same objective?

Multi-Purpose Attire

After feeding those hens, that same purposeful garment held fresh eggs destined for morning’s breakfast or that new cake recipe from Neighbor Nellie.

Oh, there are cutie-pie fancy aprons with ruffles, buttons, and bows…and they are so very fun to wear!

Aprons received as part of a prize package for baking expertise highlighted my “I-hope-to-have-one-of-those-some-day” desires. Blue-ribbon apron giveaways were the frosting-on-the-cake awards for this dessert baker!

When Little Missy was a preschooler, an apron wrapped in red and green paper and tied with a big sparkly Christmas bow rested underneath our Christmas tree. It was a gift for her from grandpa and grandma. Excitement loomed within our midst when she anxiously saw the box’s contents. Monogrammed on the apron was Dearly Beloved’s nickname for the wee one, “Little Rascal.” Shooting star appliqués festively celebrated the future of her soon-to-be-displayed baking passion and expertise.

That same apron is now a well-loved hand-me-down to younger baking brother, Little Sir. Oh, yes, he’s a little rascal, too!

No matter if you wear an apron while completing tasks in the kitchen or if you do not, Miss NiNi wouldn’t be without one. It just brings a bit of baking sunshine and a warm hug to my daily full schedule!

Miss NiNi