A Cake’s Cast of Characters

What do three Swedish princesses, the Great British Bake-Off, a fine American gentleman, and Miss NiNi’s Baking Team have in common, Dear Readers?

A cake!

Yes, a beautifully unique cake aptly named a Swedish Princess Cake!

The plot of this story with its diverse set of worldly characters thickens as destiny has brought together personalities who share an infatuation of confectionary beauty and flavor.

It wasn’t long ago, Dear Readers, when the technical challenge on the television program, Great British Bake-Off, was to make a Swedish Princess Cake.

‘Marvelous Little Royal Confectionary’

If Miss NiNi had been a contestant on that show, I would have immediately searched Google for information and possibly a recipe for what sounded to be a marvelous little royal confectionary. Had I created one of these beautiful “little darlin’s” before? No Madame! No Sir!

But how do three Swedish princesses comfortably emerge to join the cast in this cakey British plot?

Swedish beauties, Princess Margaretha, Princess Martha, and Princess Astrid, were especially fond of the green cake which originated in the 1930s but had not yet appeared in a Swedish cookbook until about 1948. (Sources–Wikipedia.org and food52.com.)

“Oh, the cake is green,” you say? Yes, vanilla sponge cake, raspberry jam, vanilla pastry cream, and whipped cream are cozily layered together and concealed beneath the domed surface of a soft lime green marzipan cover. Since this cake has received the royal princess crown of “Yum,” it is only fitting that feminine colors of green marzipan and a pink marzipan rose complete the ensemble. That is the tradition! How fun is that, Dear Readers!!

A Sweet Suggestion

Now then, a fine American gentleman entered this cast of dramatis personae with a simple telephone call to Miss NiNi’s Desserterie.

This thoughtful chap had listened well and had heard his wife exclaim, “Oh, I want one of these for my next birthday cake!” after she had seen the dessert created on…you guessed  it…The Great British Bake-Off!

Peppy, I’ll-bake-anything-you-would-like-me-to-bake-and-I’ll-do-it-efficiently-with-a-let’s-go-for-it attitude, team baker Julia, excitedly took the call. After having heard the gentleman’s request, she told him that we would research the summons and get back in touch with him ASAP.

We have explored the idea and have latched on to a recipe that shows promise. Mr. American Gentleman’s wife will have her Swedish Princess Cake from Miss NiNi’s baking team within a few days.

The sweet round-robin story of a specialty cake idea has touched the lives of Swedish princesses, British Bake-Off contestants, an American wife-pleasing gentleman, and a team of passionate Miss NiNi dessert bakers.

It is quite thought-provoking in that those who are intertwined in this cast of characters hail from different nationalities yet share a common bond of a cake…a Swedish Princess Cake!

Miss NiNi