A Cake’s Supporting Cast

416 was the count!  I know. I inspected the final tally, Dear Readers!

Within that count, my two hands individually cradled 300 of them during another Miss NiNi Team dessert-baking marathon!

As the recipient of a golden Academy award faces a sea of silver-screen idols, I, too, gratefully give thanks–to a one-of-a-kind group of little ladies.

More specifically, I acknowledge the team of approximately 416 white-feathered, red-combed, happy-cackling laying hens. Their naturally producing efforts of just one day’s work fulfilled the role of supporting cast for Miss NiNi’s dessert orders!

Even though my hands did not grasp a coveted golden statue named Oscar, I clutched something more professionally noteworthy! Those golden yolked eggs clucked of Oscar-nominating status. After all, they played an extremely vital role in the production of the movie titled, Miss NiNi’s Easter Week Desserts!

A Personal ‘Thank You!’

But, Dear Readers, it is the majority group of 300 hens to which I address my personal thanks. Each of their eggs was cracked by Yours Truly in order to skillfully separate yolks from whites as I produced light-as-a-feather, cotton-candy-melt-in-your-mouth flavored angel food cakes.

Did I tire of the process, Dear Readers? Not at all! I loved it and particularly enjoyed creating a collective of Pastel Rainbow Angel Food Cakes mimicking Claude Monet works of art!

No two cakes were alike in their final masterpiece outcome.

Each cake consisted of five uniquely designed pastel colors. When swirled together within my vintage two-piece aluminum angel food cake pans, those colorful intensities exposed multiplex color artistry.

After the cakes were baked and aligned for a photograph, it was obvious that cake fashion notoriety was on display!

Colorful Display

Carnation pink, wild rose, cornflower blue, periwinkle, sky blue, aquamarine, orchid, seafoam green, sun-kissed peach pie, soft canary yellow, and other pastel tones formed a variety of soft-hued colorful palettes that eventually graced the palates of hundreds of dessert-hungry customers. They were almost too pretty to eat, Dear Readers!

Each cake’s image fittingly heralded the Good News of Easter and the renewal of Spring!

Did I birth this think-outside-the-box colorful idea? No, I did not.

Highly favorable credit is given to Second-Born Dear Daughter—manager of our desserterie. She was the originator of this idea decades ago and enthusiastically encouraged me to share it with our cherished customers.

Miss NiNi will highlight this special cake’s availability again during the Easter season in 2019, Dear Readers.

Laying hens! Chit chat with all of your girlie friends telling them to rest up for a ramp up of egg production! With the popularity of the Pastel Rainbow Angel Food Cakes this year, Miss NiNi has a sneaky feeling that I’ll need even more of your natural talents in the upcoming months!