A Conquerable Fear

I think I contracted it a long time ago, Dear Readers!  Yes, I admit that FOPB might have reared its little head within my baking soul decades previous to this baking chat.

One might assume that someone who is extremely passionate about producing excellence in her dessert-baking craft might have award-winning skills with every combination of flour, fat, and flavor. Not so!

FOPB or Fear of Pie Baking has placed its ill-favored thumb on any reasonable excuse that Miss NiNi might concoct in order to avoid baking a from-scratch pie.

Dearly Beloved’s mom was a terrific pie baker! My mom was a terrific pie baker! I have extremely talented champion Iowa State Fair pie-baking friends. However, the osmotic effect of their talents just hasn’t seemed to have floated into my brain!

Therefore, when Thanksgiving homemade-pie making continues to be the status quo for our holiday dessert table, Miss NiNi is “up a creek!”

The Hosts with the Most

Precious Second Born Dear Daughter (SBDD) and her skillfully gifted chef Mr. Beloved are hosting our family holiday gathering this season. I have offered to bring a cheesecake to our celebration. Upon the verbalization of SBDD’s thanks, I could detect a note in her voice that might indicate an additional request. Wouldn’t you know it, she immediately mentioned , “I think we also need to have a more traditional dessert,” i.e., PIE! Can you see the predicament I am in, Dear Readers?

It’s not as if I have never assembled a pie. I have! My baking past has been slightly sprinkled with homemade-pie creativity here and there. However, much to Dearly Beloved’s chagrin, he hasn’t seen a homemade pie crust and filling grace his dessert plate for many moons!

He loves pie—especially cherry pie—and is willing to eat pretty much any cherry pie that might come his way! Therefore, it would not necessarily matter what the results of my pie-baking skills would produce. He would joyfully consume it!

Best of the Best

Since the countdown to our family holiday gathering has begun, I’ve searched one of my favorite educational baking websites–kingarthurflour.com. Learning a few more hints to assist with my crust mixing and rolling skills is not a bad idea!

And, Dear Readers, the wonderful home economists and baking experts at King Arthur Flour Baker’s Hotline—855-371-BAKE (2253)–are ready and waiting for phone calls from folks who might need some coaching as well as comforting encouragement.

Oh, Miss NiNi might as well face the fact that my upcoming baking schedule will have the notation “Bake Pies.”

I can do this…and it will be fun!

No more FOPB for Miss NiNi, Dear Readers!

Miss NiNi