A Cookie Kiss

The other day on social media, I observed a video of a gentleman methodically preparing ten or more bowls of dog kibble for his hungry canine friends.

Oh, yes, the doggies were indeed ready to eat their meals! As the chef fastidiously prepared each serving, a chaotic stampede of dogs could have surrounded him. But it did not! These little guys were calm and tolerant and actually were “smiling.” Yes, tails wagged and lips smacked as each awaited its name to be called to come to the table—one at a time. Patience was beautifully exhibited!

Seeing this virtue on display reminded me of baking cookies, Dear Readers. Yes, that’s correct–baking cookies!

Bake Mode

Envision this! The cooking-baking mood strikes. Ingredients are retrieved from the cabinet and mixed together. Balls of dough are dropped on to a cookie sheet. Then that heart-throbbing aroma of freshly baked cookies taps an awaiting sense of smell. Oh, the anticipation! Oh, the patience required to wait for the tasting!

In the anticipation of enjoying freshly baked cookies, a very important step in the dough-assembly process often is overlooked. Yet this important step, if observed, can metamorphose your cookie-imbibing experience to new heights!

What is this key step, you might ask?

Chilling the cookie dough before it is baked.

Before you bemoan, “But, Miss NiNi, I don’t want to wait that long to enjoy my little bit of cookie-baking heaven,” consider the scientific facts that will make your home-baked cookie experience even more delicious.

The Story Behind the Story

Foxnews.com explained the situation as told by Taste of Home magazine.

Chilling cookie dough before dropping individual balls of dough on to the cookie sheet allows the fat to cool which prevents cookies from spreading out too quickly once they are in the oven. Have you had that cookie-spreading experience? Now, you know how to help prevent it.

And, understand this—cookies made from chilled dough are much more flavorful. Mmm-Hmmm! While the dough rests in a bowl in the refrigerator—even for as little as 30 minutes—flour breaks down into sugar making the cookies taste sweeter.

Consider it a sweet little kiss from the cookie to your taste buds!

Waiting for cookie dough to cool in the refrigerator before baking will bring pleasant rewards.

Remember though, as you patiently await the forward motion of the clock’s hands, a joyful tail wag and lip smack will help pass the time more quickly!

Miss NiNi