A Dessert Event to Celebrate

Miss NiNi must admit that the day could have come and gone, and a “boo hoo” would not have been sniveled.

However, Dear Readers, since my adult palate has metamorphosed from childhood to adulthood, the taste buds of Yours Truly have been quite persuasive to cause the reassessment of imbibing in the delicious rich combination of chocolate, coconut, and pecans.

Years ago after having overindulged in coconut, I couldn’t even consider putting a shred of the white fruity meat into my mouth—even if it was combined with two of my favorite “food groups”—chocolate and pecans.

Alas! Alas! To enjoy that three-ingredient flavor combination in the present day is cravable!

Therefore, celebrating the upcoming June 11th holiday, National German Chocolate Cake Day, is duly noted in my daily planning calendar.

Although the renown cake was not originally created by someone of German heritage, a gentleman named Mr. Sam German is given credit for the development of the cake recipe in 1852 when he was an employee of the Baker’s Chocolate Company. nationaldaycalendar.com

Pure Brilliance!

Then, 100 years later, along came Mrs. George Clay. Her craftiness allowed a little bit of cake this and that to become mesmerized by a Baker’s German Chocolate bar. The end result of this brilliant recipe concoction has since made a home run as the standard for German chocolate cake recipes. (see above source)

You can bet your sweet cake pan that we are celebrating National German Chocolate Cake Day at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie even beginning prior to June 11.

But why stop with cake, Dear Readers! Miss NiNi’s German Chocolate Cheesecake imbibes the delicioso flavors of its namesake singularly in smooth chocolate cheesecake goodness.

The Finishing Touch

But that unique frosting…. How does it portray a character in the drama of German chocolate cheesecake goodness?  

Just as the delectable well-known coconut-pecan frosting fills and enrobes Miss NiNi’s German Chocolate Cake, the frosting steals the show by sitting directly on top of the cheesecake right where it belongs! Be still Miss NiNi’s beating heart!

Recipes for German chocolate fudge, brownies, cookies, and pie grace the web pages of the Internet, attesting to the popularity of Mr. German’s and Mrs. Clay’s inventiveness.

Will you celebrate the combination of German chocolate, coconut, pecans, and notable frosting with Miss NiNi?

Break out the party hats and streamers! Your dessert fork awaits mouth-watering splendipity!

Miss NiNi