A Family of Food Judges

Last Sunday…at the Iowa State Fair.

What a memory-making day it was for our family, Dear Readers!

Yours Truly, both Dear Daughters, and our grandchildren Little Missy and Little Sir each donned the official blue-ribbon judging badge for the Iowa State Fair.

For us three ladies of the family, the annual let’s-have-fun assignment was old hat.

This year was different! New-to-the-judging-arena, 8-year-old Little Sir joined our exclusive state-fair family activity. His little chin and cheek dimples sparkled from ear to ear as the trademark judge identification was pinned on to the front of his shirt! He had been awaiting this opportunity for a number of years after having sat in the audience watching older sister display appointed judging privileges.

Our family annually sponsors the Homemade Angel Food Cake Contest while each year Miss NiNi’s Fine Desserts sponsors the Create a Family Baking Legacy Contest. When sponsoring a contest, the select privilege of judging that particular contest is granted.

Family Fun

Regardless of the fact that it’s fun to taste a sample of each entry, realize Dear Readers that a certain amount of knowledge about baking expectations is required in order to serve as a judge.

First-Born Dear Daughter has taught the joy of baking to her children since they have been preschoolers. Therefore, the barometric decision of “does-the-skill-level-and-baking-knowledge-match-the-expectation-needed-to-serve-as-a-state-fair-judge” has been left in her hands.

The mother-son duo worked together diligently as a team with Second-Born Dear Daughter and Miss NiNi completing the trio of adjudicators for one contest.

Not to be denied the experience, Little Missy swapped chairs with her younger brother and paired with her momma to observe and make decisions for contest number two.

I have always been a proponent of adults and children working together in the kitchen developing scientific baking and expressive artistic skills. By doing this, an open-book opportunity for a child and adult to work side by side achieving a goal of creating something together flourishes. It’s truly a key positive proponent throughout the Book-of-Life pages in our family’s history!

While evaluating the set of entries placed before me, I periodically allowed myself to peek to my left where the younger generations were making evaluation decisions.

Cracking Open the Manual

Momma of my two Grands had opened her continual “teaching manual.” Not only on that day were these precious children serving as “experts” in the field of baking. At the same time, they, too, were gleaning even more understandable knowledge to evaluate their future personal baking results.

As First Born Dear Daughter spoke to the audience with her post-judging general comments, she proudly announced, “I get the privilege of teaching baking to the next generation in our family.”

Indeed, it is a heartfelt privilege for this grandma to see the excitement on the faces of my grandchildren as they recognize their individual creative baking achievements!

It happened again at this year’s Iowa State Fair! Blue ribbons won because of their own creative entries were smile bringers and served as the “frosting” on this family’s state-fair “cake”!

Miss NiNi