A New Initiation

I have had umpteen hundred beginnings in my six-plus-decade existence.

Some beginnings, Dear Readers, have been off-the-chart exciting! Others—but not many of which I can recall–have caused sincere dread! Can you identify with this as well?

The last three days of September marked Miss NiNi’s initiation into an unprecedented world of marketing. Eleven thousand folks passed through the doors of the largest craft show in Iowa. And occupying an 11 by 14-foot space within the massive Varied Industries Building on the Iowa State Fairgrounds was Miss NiNi’s mini retail establishment.

Chairs, tables, shelving, colorful banner of business identification, and laptop computer by which to run a repeatable slide show presentation highlighting Miss NiNi’s baking story are only some of the interior design elements that stood in usefulness. Oh, and I didn’t forget to take table covers!

Now then, Dear Readers, why was all of this hullabaloo of paraphernalia necessary in order to set up housekeeping for three days in 154 square feet of space?

The answer is pure and simple. That paraphernalia acted as the supporting cast to the stars of the show—Miss NiNi’s Bundt cakes.

The Star of the Show

What is a Bundt cake anyway? It’s a cake made into a beautifully patterned ring shape with the aid of a specially designed baking pan. Some recipes are better suited to this type of pan than are others.

Hundreds of Miss NiNi’s handcrafted Bundt cakes created in tasty Chocolate Chunk, Pumpkin Spice, and Coconut Bliss were displayed front and center in readiness for an exchange of paper or plastic.

But, first those cakes needed to be baked in a timely manner, Dear Readers! At the desserterie, the organizational skills of the Miss NiNi baking team were on high alert in order to have ample cake-baking ingredients at their disposal along with enough aproned cake bakers and frosting makers for the anticipated task.

New Beginning, New Challenge

Believe me! This new beginning was a challenge! How many cakes should we bake? How many of those cakes will sell to folks from far and wide? Will we overshoot our targeted inventory? Will we sell out early? We had to trust that time would have a way of providing answers.

It’s exciting to reflect on what was a WONDERFUL show for Miss NiNi — we have been invited back in November! — and to know that a group of great family and friends played a most-important supporting role in our on-site, mini-craft-show store!

All generations were a part of the sales team including 10-year-old Little Missy and sixty-some-year-old Dearly Beloved.

This new beginning is an exciting challenge for Miss NiNi! Hope to see when we are back there in November!

Miss NiNi