A Royal Dessert Day

We have time, Dear Readers! Yes, we do!

In addition to July serving as National Baked Beans Month and National Pickle Month, sweetness, richness and cheesecake loveliness will soon be set on a national tastebud pedestal.

Hoorah! Hurrah! July 30 is National Cheesecake Day!

Do you claim cheesecake as your favorite dessert? Raise your hand now… you are not alone!

Perhaps, the best news is that dense, rich New York style cheesecake is no longer the one and only kid on the cheesecake block.

Step aside made-from-the-box refrigerator-style cheesecake. Your days are limited!

Baked or unbaked, the royal cheesecake has blossomed into wonderful flavors and textures beyond basic vanilla.

Say What?!?

Occasionally, I hear folks say, “I don’t care for cheesecake.”

Yet, if they taste a sample of Miss NiNi’s cheesecake, what was once a no-thank-you dessert now is a favorite entry on their lists of scrumptious desserts!

The combination of cream cheese, eggs, and sugar reposing as queen-for-a-day on a golden throne of graham cracker crumbs shares a spotlight with chocolate, fruit, nuts, and liqueurs.

There is no limitation to the crust concoction.

Move over graham crackers. Chocolate cookies, pound cake, praline crunch additionally are noted as laying the foundation for flavorful cheesecake fillings.

Some cheesecakes are even created sans crust–filling only.

And, Dear Readers, consider this: red velvet layer cake filled with thick baked vanilla cheesecake. It’s the “cat’s meow” dessert. Beautiful and divine!

When did cheesecake make its debut into the culinary world anyway?

Do It Yourself

Years and years ago! Actually, centuries ago in 234 BC, the dessert was already popular in Ancient Greece. It didn’t take long though for the conquering Romans to capture the secret recipe after they defeated the country. crumbleandwhisk.com

The simple recipe was this:

2 pounds of cheese well crushed in a mortar

Add in one pound bread-wheat flour or, if you want it to be lighter, just ½ pound

Add one egg and mix all together well

Make a loaf of this, with the leaves under it, and cook slowly in a hot fire under a brick (Source listed above.)

Miss NiNi has stepped outside of the box from the originally designed recipe. I have a hunch that folks who taste our variety of updated flavors think that is a good thing.

At the desserterie, we often hear, “Miss NiNi makes the best cheesecake in Iowa.” Others raise the bar even higher with “Miss NiNi makes the best cheesecake in the world!”

Thanks to you, I’m inspired to keep swelling the original Greek cheesecake recipe to new flavors, shapes, and sizes.

National Cheesecake Day is right around the corner, Dear Readers. Why not include a slice of the royal dessert to any July meal during National Baked Beans and National Pickle Month? I’m for that!

Miss NiNi