A Shower of Giggles

It was raining inside Miss NiNi’s Desserterie recently!

Yes, Dear Readers! We were drenched with a shower of giggles when four bright-eyed first graders visited to create their own masterpiece of a CupCake A-Cup!

“What was the occasion,” you might ask? It was a birthday celebration! And did these little budding bakers ever have fun! Miss NiNi did, too!

It takes a great support team to prepare for any event—large or small. Miss NiNi has the absolute BEST team! They had everything masterfully prepared for the occasion!

All the Essentials

Table set with party adornments.

Chocolate and birthday party white cupcakes baked.

Chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting in decorator bags.

Extra essentials such as chocolate curls and sprinkles to layer in between cupcake and frosting in small bowls.

Now, what little munchkin refrains from eating Gummi Bears? That miniature candy treat in a palette of colors was ready for inclusion in each one’s cupcake masterpiece, too—unless the chewy bear-cub-like creatures would find an awaiting first-grader’s mouth first!

It was “game time” for Miss NiNi.

The 3-o’clock hour approached as an enthusiastic welcome was extended to our guests who joyfully entered the door to Miss NiNi’s Desserterie. From the moment I saw the girls’ smiling faces, I could tell that we were going to have a really jubilant time!

Ready to Celebrate

Camera-ready birthday girl’s momma accompanied the little sweeties and had aprons ready for each participant. The side-to-side grin on her face gave approval to the ongoing activity.

As I demonstrated the procedure of creating a CupCake A-Cup in a disposable plastic cup with lid, the little ladies watched with intent interest. Then, it was time to turn them loose!

Dear Readers, four master sweet-treat creators giggled their way to cupcake-creation stardom!

Photos captured the proud “Look-what-I-made” results.

Did we sing Happy Birthday and light a candle on Birthday Girl’s CupCake A-Cup? You bet we did!

Then each celebrant lifted the disposable spoon and enjoyed her creation—among chattering giggling conversation, that is!  

The beauty part of this treat is that each party goer was able to snap the lid on top of the cup, insert a disposable spoon through the slit in the lid’s top and take home the remaining cup’s contents.

Giggles and More!

Baking brings smiles and laughter, and yes, some sticky mess. But the fun part for the momma of our birthday girl was that the Miss NiNi Baking Team and Miss NiNi did the clean-up chores. How nice was that, Dear Readers!?

You, too, can schedule a personal CupCakes A-Cup Creating Party in our West Des Moines desserterie by calling 515-264-2112. We will fill you in with all of the details.

By the way, Dear Readers, these parties are not exclusively for “the littles” in your life.

Miss NiNi’s observation is that adults of any age have equal fun designing the treats! I’ve seen it happen time after time when Miss NiNi has provided this baking activity in area daycares and preschools.

The entire Miss NiNi Baking Team welcomes you to gather with your group of friends for this fun social activity at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie. You, too, can become the mastermind of cupcake-creating bliss—with or without the giggles!

And remember…we’ll clean up the crumbs and frosting!