A Sticky Tradition

Oh, those Germans! They know how to bake! “Schnecken” is proof of that, Dear Readers!

Gather a few ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, cinnamon, salt, and yeast, and you are in Ready, Set, Go mode to make “Schnecken.”

What in the world is “Schnecken,” you might ask?

Initially, this Come-and-Get-‘Em treat is a beautifully created spiral-wrapped sweet bun. Adding the “frosting on the cake,” or maybe it’s the “Schneck” in “Schnecken,” a buttery caramel and nut topping delightfully covers the top of the bun. Is this “Schnecken” heaven? Mmm! You bet it is?

You might be thinking, “Miss NiNi, this is no different than a Sticky Bun, is it?”

Different Name, Same Taste

You are absolutely correct! “Schnecken,” Pecan Caramel Roll, and Sticky Bun—different name—same luscious cinnamon-roll taste!

Since the 18th-Century German settlers such as the Pennsylvania Dutch introduced their traditional Saturday-morning treat into America, this cultural trait has never gone out of style! wikipedia.org

The well-loved pull-apart sweet-roll treat, Monkey Bread is a kissin’ cousin of “Schnecken.”

Whoever said that sticky buns are only for breakfast? Not Miss NiNi, that’s for certain! They make a terrific breakfast-for-dinner dessert or afternoon pick-me-up, Dear Readers!

Want to feel warm and cozy? Carefully and “dutifully” eat your way into the center of the spiraling roll. Let the dreamy aromatic goodness of cinnamon and sugar wrap around you in happiness. It’s the epitome of childhood and adulthood memory making!

Oh, So Good!

Each baked sweet-bread sugar-and-spice bite intoxicatingly bids a quest of, “More please!”

Annually, Feb. 21 encapsulates Americans love for this mouth-watering leavened-bread, caramel-topped treat. That is the date of National Sticky Bun Day! Hooray!

As those of us touched by frigid temperatures and perpetually snowy days and eves find it necessary to shovel heavy snow and then playfully create whimsical snow angels, there is nothing as rewarding for a warm-me-up than a steaming cup of coffee or marshmallow-topped cup of hot cocoa… with a sticky bun, of course! Oh, what bliss!

Just in case you want to join Miss NiNi in celebrating this tasty holiday at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie, we’ll have freshly baked Sticky Buns along with hot coffee and cocoa to help chase away those winter time blues! Buy a Sticky Bun. The coffee is free!

And thank the talented “Schnecken”-making bakers for initiating this tasty sticky tradition in America!