A Symphony of Noise

This dessert baker lives in a noisy environment, Dear Readers!

It is complete with alarms, buzzers, chimes, ding-dongs, and ringers. One might label these surrounding noises as an audiology nightmare. However, Miss NiNi cherishes the cacophony! Sounds produced from those noisemakers herald a passion for dessert baking exuded every 24 hours!

While I am fast asleep, The Miss NiNi Dessert Baker Orchestra ‘tunes’for the day. Right on schedule, my alarm clock resonates with a “Good Morning” intermittent buzz.

After a “Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day!,” I’m up and at ‘em in preparation for creative dessert-baking results!

Miss NiNi’s Concert Hall

Miss NiNi’s Desserterie then becomes the concert hall of sound with me serving as its maestro. Joining our Miss NiNi Team members, we submerge ourselves into the daily acquaintance of each little beep and buzzing noise that forewarns of great happenings. Truly, the maestro of a symphonic orchestra could identify with this!

But why should such fanfare be so exciting to Miss NiNi, Dear Readers? Let me briefly chat with you in reply.

Every little ding-dong that resonates from our desserterie-door chime represents at least one person who has made a conscientious effort to open our door to see what we have for sale. As an entrepreneur who has “hung my shingle” in a newfound metro retail world, I humbly depend on the newly curious as well as those who repeatedly return for Miss NiNi’s creations. Therefore, Miss NiNi’s door’s ding dong represents friendship with shared sweet-goodness, taste-bud-satisfying happiness.

Sweet Sounds

Mixers mix. For how long? Set the timer. Patiently wait to hear its yapping buzz! Correct mixing time equates with positive baking results.

Ovens bake! Bake it long enough but don’t overbake. Set the timer. Wait patiently.  Soon a melody of sweetness begins to permeate the bakery.

Which oven produces which alarming sound? There are five ovens from which to choose, Dear Readers! Is it the Mr. Baxter rotating rack oven that hollers a belligerent big-kid-on-the-block “Beep, Beep, Beep”?

Or is one of the GE wall ovens making that melodious “Deedle Deedle Dee” in the key of G? And which of the four GE wall ovens is it? Keep them all straight. If the maestro is in concert with the music makers, mistakes lessen and great results are produced!

Each With It’s Own Voice

Now, Dear Readers, combine those intermittent warning sounds with the continuous audible ‘voices’: the ‘Shsssssssh’ of the espresso machine making a double shot latte, the hum of cooling compressors keeping pace with temperature requirements, a continual latent ‘I’m On’ noise produced from our restaurant-style hood vent fan in operational mode, the ‘whoosh-whoosh’ of a dishwasher, and the Miss-NiNi-labeled ‘moose-in-distress’ sound of a clothes washer in agitation cycle.

Oh, and is that the ding-a-ling of the telephone I hear? It’s another welcoming distinctive pulse of our desserterie’s makeup.

Joining the sound symphony are relaxing notes of background music flowing from speakers. Especially prevalent is the camaraderie of laughter and joy exuding from our team and our guests. Maybe we are a welcome-home-type sanctuary of peace? Even in the melding of all of these sounds, there is comfort and relaxation within. Our guests have spoken of  that.

A Soothing Symphony

Just as the strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion have found headquarters in a symphony, so have all of the above-described sounds found residence in my retail world. Sound can be noise to some and music to others.

In the life of Miss NiNi’s Desserterie, the world of noise does become the world of music for it allows us to put forth our best. We showcase the character and personality of our team as well as our handcrafted desserts, lunches, and beverages in the midst of all of this ‘music.’

Experience our symphony, Dear Readers! You just might immerse yourself in the tastiest music around!