A Taste of Americana

“Four 10-cent chocolate cones, please.”

Oh, how well I remember my timid request as my little-girl legs bravely walked up to the window of the Dari-O in Capital City, North Dakota.

It was treat time for our family! Chocolate was the newest flavor of the decade after having recently joined the retail vanilla soft-serve ice cream gang. And did that new flavor ever beckon to the ice-cream taste buds of each of my family members!

The Price is Right

It seems pretty out of character in today’s economy that an ice cream cone would only cost ten cents, doesn’t it, Dear Readers? But that was the going price for a small (which seemed the size of a large) ice cream cone about 50 years ago.

Something as simple as refreshing frozen creamy chocolate goodness resting in the confines of a plain cake cone brought about a cohesive family you-are-special juncture in our daily farm life.

That forty cents was a well-spent investment, Dear Readers. Yes, even though spending money for frivolity was sparing, Dad and Mom used the coins and actual rare event as underwriting tools for our family’s let’s-take-a-break-from-work bonding.

With multiple paper napkins in one hand and the treasured melting treat in the other, our ten-mile trip home was an excursion in summertime deliciousness!

I would savor each licked morsel on my warm-then-chilled tongue to ensure that the final swallow of my special ten-cent dessert occurred as we drove into the driveway of our prairie farm.

Looking Good

The only “Yum” evidence remaining from the creamy indulgence was a chocolate-colored mustache above my upper lip! Might you as well have experienced a chocolate ice cream mustache in your youthful years, Dear Readers?

Over time, things have not changed one iota in the eyes of a family’s desire to savor cohesive togetherness–notably with ice cream or other dessert delicacies on their tongues. At the desserterie, Miss NiNi and team create sweet treats just for such occasions.

Take, for instance, our new ice cream desserts. Old-fashioned ice cream sodas, mini ice cream tarts, and ice cream cookie sandwiches are created daily and rushed to in-house freezers explicitly for memorable icy-tongue-cooling pleasure.

Miss NiNi’s handcrafted Comfort Cookies sandwich thick frozen sugar-and-cream anticipation. Yes, we layer conventional vanilla ice cream within pairs of chocolate chip, sugar, and peanut butter cookies.

However, the uniqueness comes about as our creative juices begin concocting noteworthy flavor combinations. Our desserterie’s own teammate, Miss Belinda, is behind the helm of this exploratory dessert venture!

An Innovative Blend

Imagine this, Dear Readers! Vanilla ice cream blended with Miss NiNi’s Strawberry Citrus Lime Cheesecake. You have never before tasted strawberry cheesecake ice cream with such perky fresh flavor! And, it’s pink, to boot!

Beautiful green matcha tea mixed with vanilla ice cream is fashioned between two snappy ginger cookies. With one bite, a satisfying, “Mmmm” can be heard. The lingering heat of ginger cookies’ spicy cinnamon, cloves, and cayenne partner with ice cream’s freezing cold relief. “Ahhh”!

Will there be additional new flavors, Dear Readers? Yes, indeed! Rest assured that our Miss NiNi team will keep on designing unique ice cream cookie sandwich flavors! Each of us is a food experimenter at heart whose ultimate goal is to bring satisfaction to the taste buds of all!

Yes, the era of ten-cent ice cream cones gained memorable notoriety in my family’s Americana legacy.

Miss NiNi and team take great joy in helping create freezing slip-and-slurp memories for each and every family in this generation, too!

Come and join us at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie to start creating yours!

Miss NiNi