An Adventuresome Idea

It wasn’t that long ago when Little Missy (9) and Little Sir (7) sat on our kitchen counter and began baking with me, their grandma.

Even as young as age three, each had been taught to measure dry and liquid ingredients and had learned the mechanics of stirring batter by hand.

Before lilting chants of “Grandma, let’s bake” had made their way to my eardrums, their momma had already introduced them to the joy of the where-tos and know-hows of creating baked treats.

A generation previous to that, during our daughters’ formative years, it was only natural to enroll them into what would figuratively become Miss NiNi’s School of Baking. By whetting their handcrafted baking appetites at an early age, bonds that could cement positive familial relationships would begin to take shape. As someone decades older, the joy of witnessing personal baked masterpieces by the little ladies who lived in our home generously frosted my cake of happiness!

Taking on a New Role

This week, my Grands and I take on a new role in the dessert baking world. We’re not on a professional world tour (at least not yet, Dear Readers) of recipe book autographing. However, the three of us are jumping on the bandwagon of culinary instruction.

Gather the Miss NiNi cupcakes! Fill pastry bags with yummy frosting! Don’t forget to pack multi-colored sprinkles and chocolate jimmies! Oh yes, clear cups and lids must not be left behind. Wait! Disposable spoons need to join the throng! They are necessities to complete the treat making!

With Miss NiNi’s instructions and the Littles as assistant demonstrators, we threesome will show the art of beautifully layering cake, frosting, and sweet decorations to make a CupCake in a Cup. Young peers at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie’s neighboring daycare will be the wide-eyed audience.

We won’t stop with just demonstrating though! Each child will experience the joy of making and eating his or her own special dessert showpiece! I fully expect that each one’s handcrafted expertise will produce a uniquely yummy outcome! Wouldn’t you, Dear Readers?

Lest the daycare teachers feign sadness at the thought that this activity is only for the children, rest assured that anyone in attendance will have the pleasure of joining in the fun dessert-making event!

My goodness! We might all have such a pleasurable experience that Little Missy, Little Sir, and Miss NiNi will offer this event to other daycare centers. Now, that’s an adventuresome idea, Dear Readers!