An Ice Cream Soda Day

Oh, how well I remember them, Dear Readers—those special Friday afternoon treats at my family’s favorite soda fountain in Capital City, ND.

Shiny metal single-pedestal-supported, twirling-soda-fountain stools whose circular seats were covered in sparkly red vinyl lined up in a precise straighter-than-straight row on the front side of the bar. Do you remember them?

Walls shielded in tall counter-to-ceiling mirrors perfectly yahooed back at one’s reflection.

Polished-to-a-shine soda fountain knobs and handles that with one tug could start the protocol for ice-cream-treat yum gave salutation to young and old who held silver coins in their grasps.

Two mature ladies who made a living scooping ice cream into pristinely clean glassware quietly “worked the counter.” I never did know their names. However, Sweet Sister and I creatively labeled the tall thin one as “The Malted Milk Lady” while the shorter rounder one we noted as “Grandma.”

A Match Made in Heaven

As I sat in awe at that soda fountain, my bug-eyed youthful eyes observed the two ice cream magicians rhythmically take orders and then scoop perfectly rounded shapes of vanilla ice cream.

Patrons whose hot hands held cold hard coins sat ready to trade them for ice cream concoctions. “Cha-Ch’ing” sounded the antique gold cash register. Its peal was a joyous chime throughout the drugstore in which we were sitting.

Perhaps, it was during Miss NiNi’s childhood, Dear Readers, that the flame was fanned. Could I ever make beautiful bubbly ice cream sodas?  

Light brown chocolate. Pastel pink cherry. Nondescript vanilla. All were made with sweet flavorful syrups, vanilla ice cream, and the “Pshhhhhh” of soda water that departed from a carbonated water faucet and entered into the waiting clear glass receptacle.

My wanna-be-soda-jerk days faded into history just as did the 20th Century soda fountain. That is until now, Dear Readers.

A New Offering

At Miss NiNi’s Desserterie, it’s a new ice-cream-soda day! A soda fountain, per se, is not required for making ice cream sodas. Yet, a familiar tug of the lever through which carbonated water is expelled is.

A genuinely heartwarming, “Pshhhhh” is now heard throughout the walls of our treat-serving business when it is added to modern ice-cream-soda flavors.

Oh yes, we have chocolate—and even white chocolate. However, the sisterhood of summer flavors—raspberry, strawberry, and peach—have joined ranks in the updated freshness of summertime ice-cream-soda smack! I love it!

Oh, Dear Readers, that’s not all! Our delicious freshly brewed espresso when poured over vanilla ice cream and added “Pshhhhh” treats caffeine-loving taste buds to 21st Century glee!

Miss NiNi and “the gang” won’t be dressed in white as were “The Malted Milk Lady” or “Grandma.” Yet, we will be ready to scoop beautiful balls of frozen vanilla ice cream into sparkling clean glassware or to-go disposables upon your request. You don’t even need to wait until Friday rolls around, Dear Readers!

Miss NiNi