An Important Event

Teal and purple—two colors that have touched my imaginative color wheel of design ever since I created a textiles’ sewing project while in college. Hmm, let me see—that was 48 years ago.

Dear Readers, today in this baking chat, I’m focusing on those two intense hues but in a different fashion.

One might think that Miss NiNi has uniquely frosted a handcrafted cake in those gorgeous jewel tones or perhaps created eye-catching cake truffles in that color pattern. No, I have not–not yet, anyway.

A simple crisscross ribbon painted in teal and purple is the symbol of awareness—awareness of a very serious growing concern in our country—that of suicide.

A Worthy Cause

Dear Readers, were you aware that September is National Suicide Month? Miss NiNi was not until my friend, Tonia Larsen, shared information about an upcoming event in our local Atlantic, IA, area.  

Find your calendar and put a beautiful purple or teal circle around the date of Monday, Sept. 10.

Our city park on West 6th Street will be bursting with suicide-prevention activities and vendor booths that will make us a much better informed public on that subject.

Free all-day workshops start at 10 am.

Janae Shilito, from Omaha’s Kim Foundation (a non-profit organization which increases awareness, reduces stigma, and provides education and resources related to mental illness and suicide) will round out the informative day with her presentation at 6 pm.

Just in case your stomach says, “Please feed me,” lunch and supper can be purchased from two food vendors. Olsen’s BP will be set up for lunch. Toward evening, a pleasant aroma from the burger-loaded grill of the Cass County Beef Producers will whet your appetite.

Meet Miss NiNi

For those who want to enjoy a little something sweet, starting at 3 pm, Miss NiNi will be selling CupCakes A-Cup—an innovative way to eat Miss NiNi’s handcrafted cupcakes.

Dear Readers, you absolutely will need to try them! They are the perfect eat-on-the-go, less-messy-to-eat cupcake!

What makes Miss NiNi’s CupCakes A-Cup less messy to eat, Dear Readers?

Cake and frosting are layered in a clear plastic cup with a lid—certainly helpful in preventing a traditional mountain-of-frosting-on-top-of-cupcake from invading your nostrils! Crumbs don’t have a chance to get all over you or on the ground. The cup assists in that regard!

Fingers will stay cleaner with Miss NiNi’s cupcakes. Why, you might ask? I’ll give a disposable spoon to you, too!

More than likely, the lid will not stay on the cup very long after purchasing. After all, there is yumminess inside that cup just waiting to impress your taste buds!

Will the event still take place if it rains on Monday? Yes, it will, Dear Readers. Our new community gathering place, The Venue, located at 307 Walnut Street, will appropriately serve as an inclement-weather location.

The banner promoting the day’s event reads, “Join together as a community against suicide.” Miss NiNi will be there. Dear Readers, I hope you will be, too.

Oh, and why not wear something purple or teal in support of the event?