And To Think It All Started with Muffins

Once upon a time, there was a timid little girl who grew up on the prairie.

She lived in a rural environment and was surrounded by her family’s love.

Farm animals of various sizes and shapes were her playmates. A reciprocated tenderness of heart with these animals grew by leaps and bounds day after windy North Dakota day.

However, all was not peaceful for the little miss. If people talked to the shy child, innate fear crept into her entire being just as the fog of a dismal night might inch its way into a deep chasm.

She sought refuge behind her mother’s tall, slim figure and would only peek around the security of  Momma’s leg in order to view ongoing adult conversation.

But as the years of her youth mounted, opportunities presented themselves to help soften stage fright’s grip within a child’s mind.

Playing a Paramount Role

Muffins—yes, muffins, Dear Readers, were the keys that helped unlock courage and confidence.

One might wonder how muffins could have played such a paramount role in a one-act play of life. But they did!

A well-rehearsed maiden 4-H presentation about nondescript “Muffins” was the catalyst of good things to come. Even at the young age of ten, this unsophisticated presenter was secure in chatting about baking.

As the clock of life chimed onward, the young lady’s heartfelt passion for educated understanding of food preparation only deepened. An earned college degree was proof.

Dear Readers, the fleeting story you just perused captured a minute of history on the baking timeline of Miss NiNi.

Gaining in Confidence

Experiences of 4-H education and additional 50-plus years’ of life served as coworkers that were needed to metamorphose a fearful child into a passionate self-assured baking presenter.

It had been a number of years since I had taken command of the stage in baking form. But, oh, Dear Readers, my recent large-group presentation was proof that the bygones of stage fright prior to that 4-H muffin demonstration no longer reigned. After years of radio, television, and life in general, I felt in my realm! And was it ever fun!

One never knows what paths of life will be trod. However, Miss NiNi is convinced that something as simple as standing solo in front of an audience at a young age continues to boast precious merits for my present and future.

And to think that it all started with muffins!

NOTE: Would you like Miss NiNi to offer a demonstration at YOUR event?!? Just give us a call at (515) 264-2112 to schedule Miss NiNi!