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No Eggs. No Milk. No Butter.

What! No Eggs? No milk? No butter? How can a cake be baked without those ingredients, Dear Readers? Not only can a delicious cake be created without those three ingredients, but my hunch is that a recipe sans those ingredients still hides within family cookbooks passed from one generation to the next. Ragged-edge, food-stained, well-used […]

A Cookie Kiss

The other day on social media, I observed a video of a gentleman methodically preparing ten or more bowls of dog kibble for his hungry canine friends. Oh, yes, the doggies were indeed ready to eat their meals! As the chef fastidiously prepared each serving, a chaotic stampede of dogs could have surrounded him. But […]

A Royal Dessert Day

At the desserterie, we often hear, “Miss NiNi makes the best cheesecake in Iowa.” Others raise the bar even higher with “Miss NiNi makes the best cheesecake in the world!”

Clear your calendars … National Cheesecake Day is celebrated NEXT WEEK!

Did the Cake Precede the Candles?

“Tradition is to include one candle for each year—up to a certain point, when discretion and the surface area of the cake recommend only one or a few candles.” Hmmm, Dear Readers, if tradition serves Miss NiNi correctly, either the surface area of the cake needs to grow, or else one or a few candles […]

This Season’s Bustle

Can you feel it, Dear Readers? The scramble. The dash. The bustle of life. Most of us are touched by it during the Christmas season. No other time of year offers the sights, sounds, and display of good-hearted friendship as do these last days of December. As you might imagine, my present-day bustle of activity […]

A Treasured Recipe

Oh, Grandma! You made the best banana bread! Dear Readers, how many of you can testify to a similar statement? Not only did my grandma’s banana bread have the perfect blend of flavor and texture, but she baked her loaves in repurposed vegetable tin cans—outside paper labels removed, of course. For her, those cans were […]

Temporary Phone Number for Miss NiNi’s Desserterie

Dear friends, we are unfortunately experiencing issues with our phone service at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie. To contact us at the Desserterie, please call (712) 249-0145. We anticipate the regular phone line will be up and running in short order, but this will ensure we don’t miss you in the meantime!

The Little Darlin’s – Cake Truffles

I call them The Little Darlin’s. Dear Readers, one might think that this term of affection is designated for my two favorite little people in our family. It certainly does fit the description of our Grands, Little Missy and Little Sir! However, in this week’s baking chat, I’m referring to Delicious Defined Little Darlin’s that […]

A Gift That Created A Story

Dear Readers, I’m speculating that you have faded, perhaps-burned-on-the-edges aged potholder friends that have protected your hands and fingers for numerous baking years. Because cosmetics cannot necessarily repair their fabric blemishes, they get welcome rest when company comes. However, as soon as a guest’s last farewell is articulated, those baking pals gravitate to their rightful hallowed location next to the range.