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Peanut Butter and What?

It is a rare day in the household of Dearly Beloved and Miss NiNi when a jar of peanut butter remains closed. With the breaking of the dawn, peanut butter helps start my day off right. Miss NiNi is a creative breakfast shake virtuoso, so to speak. Using a little of this and a handful […]

Holidays of a Good Kind

I missed it! The observance was February 3. I missed celebrating it on its declared national let’s-have-a-party day. However, Dear Readers, a specific national jubilatory day need not be noted in large bright red font in Miss NiNi’s yearly calendar. ‘Why is that,’ you might ask? If your palate delights in the international sensation of […]

Ice Cream Bars Not Included

I’m surrounded by metal—a lot of it! Metal is present wherever the word, ‘dessert’ hovers over my life. Aluminum foil, flatware, mixing utensils, bowls, cookie cutters, kitchen appliances…and baking pans—lots of them! Square, round, rectangular, cookie sheets, Bundt, circular with a center tube, circular without a center tube, some with a springform latch, accordion-form-edge tart […]

A Great Cup of Coffee

It’s a chilly day in the neighborhood. I have found myself yearning for a warm, tummy hugging latte more than once today. How about you, Dear Readers? Are you of a coffee-drinking persona? Perhaps, you enjoy the flavor of coffee. Perhaps, you need the boost of energy that a first-of-the-morning cup of coffee provides. Maybe, […]

Make Some Fond Family Memories In the Kitchen

“I’m LaVon.” “I’m Miss NiNi.” “Welcome to Family Fun In the Kitchen.” It wasn’t that long ago—July 5, 2014 to be exact—that the cheery voices of home economist and volunteer extraordinaire LaVon Eblen and home economist and dessert-baking specialist Miss NiNi teamed to caress the regional airwaves via Atlantic, IA’s, radio station KJAN.

The Cluckers Club

The other day as I stood at one of the baking prep tables, I reflected on the thousands of times since childhood during which I have gone through the same egg-cracking motion in order to produce the same result. Tap On Counter—Drop In Small Dish—Check for Shells and Imperfections—Pour into Mixing Bowl. Dear Readers, this […]


I have found myself travelling hither and yon recently. Those of you who follow my weekly musings via Miss NiNi’s Baking Chat column in our local newspaper as well as at Miss NiNi’s Baking Chat Blog at are well aware that we are opening our first retail desserterie in a suburb of Capitol City, […]

Hello Gorgeous!

A Miss NiNi Update The final countdown is on! The doors to Miss NiNi’s Desserterie will open in West Des Moines/Waukee on Thrs., Jan. 12. Dear Readers, three years of planning and projecting for a metropolitan retail location are coming to fruition. When interested onlookers and friends have tip-toed into Miss NiNi’s first retail location, […]

Miss NiNis Raspberry Cake

Eat Cake. Lose Weight.

Miss NiNi is pleased to announce the brand new Miss NiNi diet! It’s called Eat Cake. Lose Weight! Yes, that’s right, Dear Readers, you can eat cake to help with weight loss. I’m not orating about the sugar-free, dry-as-a-rice-cake kind. With a megaphone at my lips, I’m shouting about Real Cake—the kind that is front […]

On the Eve of a New Beginning

Dear Dad and Mom, You won’t believe this! I can hardly believe it myself! Your second born is about to embark on a baking adventure for which the last 60-plus years of life has prepared me. How could you ever forget the shy little girl that I was? My only comfort when around strangers was […]