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A Conquerable Fear

I think I contracted it a long time ago, Dear Readers!  Yes, I admit that FOPB might have reared its little head within my baking soul decades previous to this baking chat. One might assume that someone who is extremely passionate about producing excellence in her dessert-baking craft might have award-winning skills with every combination of […]

Tin Can Beauties

Dear Readers, I know you have seen them before–shiny painted metal tins with lids whose contents may include sweet treats. Covers that snugly fit on to the tops of each tin create a metal canvas for exceptional works of art! Unique designs painted in either vibrant living holiday colors or demure homespun-scene reminiscence speak a […]

It Was Fern Green

I hadn’t seen it for over forty years. Fern green. As I recall, fern green was the noted exterior color of Mom’s mid-Twentieth Century flour sifter. Upon recently reuniting with this baking instrument, that same exterior now shines silver with nary a fern-green-color remembrance to the naked eye. Age has its way of bringing beautiful […]

Why Bake with Butter?

My grocery cart is usually filled to the brim each and every week! It’s not because Dearly Beloved and Miss NiNi are frequent in-house gourmet diners, Dear Readers. Rather, ingredients to prepare our simple meals are on the short end of the stick as occupants of a four-wheeled grocery cart. Multiple containers of flour, sugar, […]

The “I Remember When” Product

“I remember when this was invented,” I said to one of our fantastic Miss NiNi bakers. “I think it was in the 1950s.” My age 20-ish dessert-baking friend seemed perplexed. I pondered if she truly believed my statement. After all, buzzing around inside her intelligent brain might have been these sound bites: “Miss-NiNi-can’t-be-that-old,” and “Hasn’t […]

Their Legacy Lives On

They were my taste testers. Whenever I needed an honest evaluation of a recipe I was creating, I went to them. Even during the senior time of life as senses would customarily begin to fade, their taste buds did not fail them. As my participation as a baking competitor in the illustrious Iowa State fair […]

A New Initiation

I have had umpteen hundred beginnings in my six-plus-decade existence. Some beginnings, Dear Readers, have been off-the-chart exciting! Others—but not many of which I can recall–have caused sincere dread! Can you identify with this as well? The last three days of September marked Miss NiNi’s initiation into an unprecedented world of marketing. Eleven thousand folks […]

Once Upon An Angel Food Cake

“I could bake a cake, and that’s what I could do for the servicemen.” Her name was Hazel Pierpoint. She had resided in the High Plains area of west central Nebraska—not far from North Platte. During World War II, her astounding angel-food-cake-baking account touched the lives of millions of young men who signed up for […]

A Shower of Giggles

It was raining inside Miss NiNi’s Desserterie recently! Yes, Dear Readers! We were drenched with a shower of giggles when four bright-eyed first graders visited to create their own masterpiece of a CupCake A-Cup! “What was the occasion,” you might ask? It was a birthday celebration! And did these little budding bakers ever have fun! […]

An Important Event

Teal and purple—two colors that have touched my imaginative color wheel of design ever since I created a textiles’ sewing project while in college. Hmm, let me see—that was 48 years ago. Dear Readers, today in this baking chat, I’m focusing on those two intense hues but in a different fashion. One might think that […]