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Fancying a Customary Name

No commercial mixes! No siree! Miss NiNi uses no cake or frosting mixes in my perfectly charming and gloriously delicious little bits of cake paradise! Their mostly ring-shaped appearance might cause one to think that the term “ball” is a rather fitting description for something of this cake nature. Yet, in true Miss NiNi let’s-play-with-words […]

Pursuing the Gift of Freedom

These past few days as I created layer cakes and cheesecakes for a dessert-hungry clientele, I reflected on the freedom that citizens of my country can so enjoy day after day. Celebrations all across this land denote enthusiasm for our cherished liberty as folks annually enjoy backyard barbeques, partake in patriot-expressing parades or “ooh” and […]

Miss NiNi’s Favorite Ingredient

Ever since 1929 when the first “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”® advertisement was released, cardboard boxes of Rice Krispies® cereal have scored well-loved spots on a gazillion breakfast tables! However, prior to the creation of that puffy-crackly cereal created by the Kellogg’s Company, a protein-packed, meal-in-one food was standard tummy-satisfying, early-morning fare. It still holds its own […]

A Baker’s Class Schedule

Mathematics. Physical Science. Art. Psychology. Miss NiNi’s class schedule has rarely changed over decades of life. Oh, the depth of material within each subject matter has continuously refashioned itself. But with studious deployment of each of those subjects in day-to-day life, seasonal breaks have whizzed right past with nary a I-think-I-will-sleep-in opportunity. Dear Readers, one […]

Is it a Macaron or Macaroon?

It’s just a simple nonchalant circle that tells the story of two unique cookies! “Macaron” versus “Macaroon.” That little extra “o” is more than just a letter in the alphabet. And it plays a higher role than offering distinctive word pronunciation. In the baking world, the missing—or added letter can truly spell the difference between […]

Miss NiNis Raspberry Cake

Convenience At Your Fingertips? – Cake Mixes

It’s been called the invention that redefined “Baking.” Was it the electric mixer? Perhaps, it was a modern oven fueled by propane rather than wood or corn cobs. As much as Miss NiNi loves my silicone spatulas, it might have been something as simple as the invention of that little kitchen tool, Dear Readers. But […]

A Collection From the Past – The Church Cookbook

It’s a walk down memory lane for me.  Fifty pages of print held together with black plastic spiral binding lay before me. Years of use helped release its front cover from the “hinges” of page fellowship. But that didn’t prune any value from its worth. Even without its glossy outer cloak, the collection still contained […]

The Lemon Jelly Cake

Before the Curlicue Curtsies – The Lemon Jelly Cake

There it was before me–The Lemon Jelly Cake. Ahh, Dear Readers, even without taking a bite, I could imagine the complexity of flavors–multiple layers of snow-white cake, tart bright yellow lemon curd, and rosy-red raspberry seedless jam topped with a dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream whose tip gently curtsied to its audience! Does that […]

Miss NiNi's Dobosh Torte

A Secret Revealed – The Dobosh Torte

She and I…we had a secret. It was on a Sunday when Little Missy, our soon-to-be-fourth-grader granddaughter, greeted me after worship services. She softly whispered a message into my ear. It had to do with a certain upcoming family member’s birthday and the need for a birthday cake. A three-layer Better-Than-Fudge Cake was the request. […]