Back to School

Miss NiNi will soon be walking the hallowed halls of higher education!

Yes, that’s right! Miss NiNi is going back to school!

However, unlike my coed days of the late 1960s, my shoes will be on the “other feet”!

Mentoring instructor. Baking coach. Encourager of Artistic and Scientific Dessert Creativity. Those are the “hats” Miss NiNi will wear with the inauguration of Miss NiNi’s Baking University—MNBU for short!

Developing the Curriculum

Presently, the Miss NiNi Team exploratory committee is wielding its way into the minds of friends and customers as we inquire about class interest.

We’re scouring passionate hearts of bakers and wanna-be bakers for topics of consideration.

Mom or Dad—connect with your child in a baking class. You won’t believe the exciting camaraderie you will share while learning together about science and art in the bakery!

How about having a girls’ night out at the desserterie with Miss NiNi as you wield your way into creating a recipe with flour, sugar, butter, and more?

Get your hands “into the dough” so to speak or just listen and watch as Miss NiNi demonstrates?

Brides and grooms—feast on a new-found form of entertainment by taking a couple’s baking class. Oh, yes, we do expect hands-on students to wash dishes! After all, a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen!

The Gift of Good Taste

Grab a gift certificate and graciously give it to your favorite “Oh, this is something I’ve always wanted to do” friend or coworker.

Sisters or brothers, relive happy times in the kitchen when you baked with mom or grandma. Your chocolate chip cookies might have been the “cat’s meow” of past baking fun. Now in Miss NiNi’s desserterie, you can combine those warm memories with let’s-do-this-again enjoyment?

Schedule your family night activity with a baking class. The fun you experience together tops any movie or board game competition!

Baking prodigies just might be unleashed with just a few lessons from Miss NiNi!

Why is Miss NiNi establishing MNBU, Dear Readers? To enable and encourage a knowledge of and a delight in understanding baking skills necessary to bring joy into hearts and homes.

Don’t let baking be a lost art in your life.

Stay tuned for upcoming details at MNBU where opportunity awaits!

Miss NiNi