Baking to the Rhythm of Music

Music soothes my soul and has done so since I was a preschooler.

Perhaps, Dear Readers, that is why as a five-year-old child, my parents introduced me to a lady of musical distinction.

Her name was Miss Belle Mehus—the grand dame of piano in North Dakota. I became her pupil—and for the next 13 years, the development of my piano artistry was in her hands.

I had never thought of Miss Mehus as young. She had a slight dowager hump and wore her hair in a French roll. Her professional demeanor dictated appropriate professional dress.

Student and Teacher

Within the confines of her generously sized studio, two parlor-size grand pianos majestically stood wakeful in side-by-side form—one for her use for teaching piano expression and composition—one for the student to demonstrate a regurgitation of said theories.

A noteworthy wall displayed floor-to-ceiling framed autographed black and white photos that captured heightened times of her friendship with worldly masters of the keyboard and opera.

This dedicated piano-teaching virtuoso molded and shaped the musical prospectus of me–a young farm girl. As the sands of life poured through the hourglass, my piano flair influenced our characters.

Among her well-honed roster of young students, I became her hopeful prodigy as solo piano recitals and guest performances with symphony orchestras filled the pages of my adolescent calendar.

A Rich Influence

Dear Readers, it might seem uniquely peculiar that this baking chat’s theme focuses briefly on the musical history of Yours Truly. However, even after 50 years of time has passed, Miss Mehus’ influence is still a prominent part of my life—as a baker!

Indeed, as I create desserts, music siphoned into my bakery sets the tone for an exciting atmosphere where dessert ideas come together with purpose.

Metered influences of 2/4, 4/4, or 3/4 time stream additional joy to my dessert-baking passion! I think more clearly and bake with more enthusiasm!

You name it! Rich classical symphonic sounds, soulful bluegrass and gospel, lazy sounds of lounge music, toe-tapping country, and rhythmical pop favorites decorate my auditory senses.  

When Mariah Carey’s jazzy “All I Want For Christmas Is You” hits the air waves, baking creativity stops. For it is not every song that elevates Miss NiNi  and my silicone spatula into esteemed karaoke fame!

My day is brightened as rich orchestral euphonic sounds directed by Dutch violinist and conductor, Andre Rieu, lift my feet and spirits with a delightful Johann Strauss waltz.

In Full Swing…

Dear Readers, I’ve been known to dance the polka around my kitchen island—even without Dearly Beloved as a partner! When the music plays, Miss NiNi’s baking gig is in full swing!

Do you measure flour and sugar or stir cookie batter to the rhythmic sounds of music, Dear Readers?

There might not have been Miss Belle Mehus in your life to inspire personal musicality. However, a few tunes could be just the inspiration you need to try a family favorite recipe. Have fun!

Miss NiNi