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An Apple Aroma Season

Mmm…it’s that first-of-the-fall, warm apple-pie-baking fragrance that has been wafting from my food lab for a few hours. I love it! Here, take a whiff, Dear Readers. Do you love it too? The scent did not come from the spritz of a room freshener, potpourri, or a softly glowing autumnal candle.  I did not even […]

An Ambrosial Delight

Sometimes, I desire just a little something chocolaty! How about you, Dear Readers?   Something simple with flavor on the darker side. It must bathe my taste buds with passionate silky undertones. A wee bit of sweet timidity need complete the overall experience. Has Miss NiNi discovered an ambrosial delight such as this? Simple and Sweet […]

No Eggs. No Milk. No Butter.

What! No Eggs? No milk? No butter? How can a cake be baked without those ingredients, Dear Readers? Not only can a delicious cake be created without those three ingredients, but my hunch is that a recipe sans those ingredients still hides within family cookbooks passed from one generation to the next. Ragged-edge, food-stained, well-used […]

A Royal Dessert Day

At the desserterie, we often hear, “Miss NiNi makes the best cheesecake in Iowa.” Others raise the bar even higher with “Miss NiNi makes the best cheesecake in the world!”

Clear your calendars … National Cheesecake Day is celebrated NEXT WEEK!

Mr. Bishop’s Chocolate Pie

It all began as a venture in dining in Waterloo, IA, and soon grew to 35 Midwestern locations. The cafeteria chain, Bishop’s Cafeteria, which was begun by Benjamin Franklin Bishop in 1920 provided nine decades of culinary enjoyment until its lifespan ceased to exist. ( Hailing from one of the upper Great Plains’ states, my […]

The Dunking Kind

“A dunker…that’s what we need.” These were the words of Dearly Beloved as he contemplated the next cookie recipe I should consider testing. Let Miss NiNi explain the definition of “a dunker.” Dearly Beloved’s remembrance of this type of cookie retros to the years of his grandparents’ farming lifestyle. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee breaks from […]

Creating a Yummy Puffy Treat

“Would you like to bake something,” I asked Little Missy? With a grin that erupted from her sweet ten-year-old face, “Can we?” was her enthusiastic reply! Many of you Dear Readers have followed the baking journey of my granddaughter since the inaugural penning of these baking chat columns. Time to gather with our grandchildren, Little […]

The Recipe that Burned Out Two Mixers

It’s the recipe that burned out two mixers, Dear Readers, yet became a monster of a sensation! In 1971, a gentleman from the Wolverine State (MI) decided it was time to make cookies for his 10 children—six of whom were his own and four who lived in the household as well. As one can imagine, […]

Revisiting the Royals

Dear Readers: Years ago, when I first began my weekly chats with you, I had the honor of recording heartfelt memories of women and men whose baking talents enriched the lives of their family. Each honoree was awarded a “Crown of Golden Stars” when inducted into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court. It is with great […]

Are Roses Blooming in the Bakery?

Miss NiNi is rarely in the throes of such bounteous beauty. But I was a few days ago! Thousands of “mouthwatering” flowers of magnificent size, color, and grandeur graced the speaker’s platform at the Cass County Master Gardeners’ 20th Annual Spring Garden Seminar. A bouquet of floral fragrance in the venue was comforting and certainly reflected […]