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What’s That Mystery Ingredient?

The picturesque look could quite possibly have made the front page of Women’s Wear Daily, although some may have said that this particular dressed-from-head-to-toe vision was a sight for sore eyes. Oh my, that’s how catty the fashion world can be…what one loves, another abhors! In this case, however, whatever label would have been applied […]

Mmmm Merna’s Marvelous Munchin’Cookies

As I was getting ready to don my chore clothes the other day, the telephone rang. Caller ID informed me that my Aunt Merna, was on the other end of the line. Do you remember Merna, Dear Readers? She is my amazing 91-year-old South Dakota ranch-wife aunt who I had honored recently with a “Crown […]

New Honoree into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court

“I have enough love to go around for everybody!” cheerily voiced my newest honoree into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court…and does she ever! After knocking at the back door of Harriet (Mrs. Henry) Alff’s home, I was greeted with an enthusiastic welcome, “Come on in.” As I opened the door and walked into her spacious […]

Honor To the Pig

Should all cookies be sweet, Dear Readers? Not when they have the savory, “kicky” taste of this recipe! On her blog site,, Kristen, a family friend, posted the traditional recipe called “Cheese Tidbits.” She said, “My college roommate would get packages of these and never share! I had to find out what all the […]

Floating on a Cloud to Paris

During the Christmas season Mom would often take me on a trip to Paris. Really, you might ask? Well, let me explain. As a young girl, I just knew that mom’s Chocolate Parisienne Cookies had to have come from an exquisite Parisian bakery. With one bite, I would close my eyes and pretend that I […]

Menoken Rural Sisterhood

Members of the Menoken Homemakers Club: women who were the movers and shakers in my rural North Dakota childhood community; wives of hard-working farmers and laborers who toiled from sunup to sundown earning an honest living on the prairie; mothers of my school mates. What is a homemakers club you might ask? Let me delight […]

New Honoree in Miss NiNi’s
Royal Baking Court

“You can’t take baking out of a lady’s life. You can’t take it out of the soul of a woman.” In tribute to her mother, these words were warmly voiced by the daughter of my newest honoree into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court, Mildred (Mrs. Folmer) Weddum. As I was welcomed into the tidy Weddum […]

 My Favorite Childhood Dessert – Coffee Toffee Torte

I have a favorite dessert from my childhood. It has “Mom” written all over it! Actually, I don’t know the origination of the recipe. Maybe Mom created it, but I hardly think so. It just wasn’t within her nature to do that. She was great at following a recipe though and prepared numerous delicious desserts […]

The Spatula Has Been Passed

It’s official. The torch has been passed. Well, in this case, the spatula has been passed! Read on to learn the full story. Competing in the Iowa State Fair food department began when I was a new Iowa bride. In 1974, I challenged myself to bake and enter 11 layer cakes. The thermometer tacked on […]

Introducing Miss NiNi’s ‘Royal Baking Court’

“The cookie jar was always full when we came home from school.” Those words, spoken by one of the daughters of our first inductees into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court, were like music to my soul. Not only was I privileged to learn more about the homemaking baking achievements of honoree, Mary Ellen Knop, but […]