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Once Upon An Angel Food Cake

“I could bake a cake, and that’s what I could do for the servicemen.” Her name was Hazel Pierpoint. She had resided in the High Plains area of west central Nebraska—not far from North Platte. During World War II, her astounding angel-food-cake-baking account touched the lives of millions of young men who signed up for […]

A Shower of Giggles

It was raining inside Miss NiNi’s Desserterie recently! Yes, Dear Readers! We were drenched with a shower of giggles when four bright-eyed first graders visited to create their own masterpiece of a CupCake A-Cup! “What was the occasion,” you might ask? It was a birthday celebration! And did these little budding bakers ever have fun! […]

An Important Event

Teal and purple—two colors that have touched my imaginative color wheel of design ever since I created a textiles’ sewing project while in college. Hmm, let me see—that was 48 years ago. Dear Readers, today in this baking chat, I’m focusing on those two intense hues but in a different fashion. One might think that […]

The Birthday Girl’s Cake

The instructions were quite specific for this birthday cake. Chocolate Layer Cake. Pink Filling. Peach Frosting. No Peach Flavor—Only Peach Color. “Okie dokie,” replied Miss NiNi to artistic Little Missy’s thoughtful request. The basic format for the special-day dessert was given to me by my ten-year-old granddaughter one week prior to the we-celebrate-you event. Therefore, […]

Synopsis of a Grand Iowa Event

Thanks to so many of you, Dear Readers, it happened! A second-to-none 1,130,260 fair-going folks promenaded before ticket takers at the acclaimed 2018 Iowa State Fair during its recent ten-day stint. Included in that record-breaking number were multiple-day attendees, Miss NiNi and family. As you might expect, Dear Readers, my hangout on the well-manicured, pride-of-Iowa […]

Let the Good Times Roll

It came and went in the twinkling of an eye! All of the hours of preparation were worth every lasting memory from this year’s Iowa State Fair! For instance, Dear Readers, after hundreds of minutes devoted to serious baking efforts, Little Missy and Little Sir completed five entries worthy of state-fair competition. Hot and humid […]

Painting This Week’s Canvas

A portrait of various unique colors is being sketched on my canvas of life this week. Dear Readers, I’m certain it has been discovered within your existence that on some days the colors of life seem to chaotically blend together in complete discord. Yet, in the finale, magnificent harmony truly does prevail! So, you might […]

Celebrating with Cheesecake

It began as a national day of notoriety. However, festivities associated with this unique day of tasty imbibing can and do last for a lifetime…that is, if you are a devoted follower of cheesecake! Traditionally, National Cheesecake Day is a July 30 cultural extravaganza for cheesecake lovers! Break out the plates and forks, Dear Readers! […]

A Taste of Americana

“Four 10-cent chocolate cones, please.” Oh, how well I remember my timid request as my little-girl legs bravely walked up to the window of the Dari-O in Capital City, North Dakota. It was treat time for our family! Chocolate was the newest flavor of the decade after having recently joined the retail vanilla soft-serve ice […]

Episodes of an Iowa Summer Day

My family knows me well and understands that summertime’s heat and humidity can be downright fatal to my cheery personality! Basically, with the advent of 90-degree temperatures, my exuberant personality becomes tarred and feathered! For instance, it was a number of years ago when on our farm, Dearly Beloved, Second Born Dear Daughter, and I […]