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Get Your Holiday Goodies…Before They’re Gone!

The Christmas season is getting crazy … and if you want Miss NiNi’s Delicious Desserts to adorn your holiday treat table, you MUST ACT NOW! Here are the details: Last day to order for in store pickup prior to Christmas is Thursday, Dec. 21, and the last day to pickup in store prior to Christmas […]

It’s Recess Time!

There comes a time in one’s life when the “cookie jar is full to overflowing.” As you might imagine, this is the time of year when we dessert bakers gladly work triple overtime to please the palates of those who highly value the work of our flour-dusted hands. With that in mind, Dear Readers, Miss […]

How Do You Like Your Cheesecake?

Over 40 years ago—yes, that’s  how long it’s been. Dear Readers, it’s been over four decades since I made my first cheesecake. I was shaking like a leaf and was at wit’s end while following the recipe’s directions to a T. Baking perfection was my goal! As did many homemakers of that era, I relished purchasing […]

The Mystery of Jimmies

“Why are they called ‘jimmies’?,” I was asked the other day. Since I couldn’t give an answer off the top of my head, I was excited to put on my Miss NiNi sleuthing hat and research the answer. If you are clueless to my question’s answer, please read on to discover the findings of this […]

That Fluffy White Stuff

I’ve been thinking a great deal about the subject of Flour recently. As a dessert baker, it’s not as if the ingredient occupies my thoughts each and every minute. However, Dear Readers, I’m in the ‘should-we-bake-this-new-dessert-and-offer-it-to-our-customers’ frame of mind. And when that happens, I’m completely focused on the subject with recipe testing until excellent results […]

Baking—Training for Life

The group is called Friendship Circle of Michigan. It is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide an opportunity for individuals with special needs to become contributing members of society. Dear Readers, if you had a chance to peruse Miss NiNi’s previous week’s chat, you will recall that I had focused on the duo […]

The Act of Friendship

I’ve heard it said repeatedly, “Baking opens the doors to friendship.” Treats produced by the passion of one’s heart and the skill of one’s hands brings as much delight to the creator of baked goods as it does to those who imbibe in the deliciousness of the baked results. Perhaps, Dear Readers, you have discovered […]

Fall’s Flavorful Announcement

Have you seen them. Dear Readers? Stores and communities are alive with their globular shape and harvest-moon color!  It’s a vast sea of the color orange! As the dropping of the New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square is as sure-as-shooting going to happen at the end of the calendar year, pumpkins of all sizes punch […]

A Miss NiNi Favorite

It’s meltable, measurable, and moldable. It can be in liquid or solid form. It’s one of the most well-loved, most well-used ingredients in Miss NiNi’s dessert-baking arsenal. What is it Dear Readers? If you guessed, butter, you guessed correctly! One could say that Miss NiNi has had a lifetime relationship with butter. Now, I might […]

The Language of Apple

Mmmm! It smells like cinnamon in the desserterie! Imagine that you are right next to me, Dear Readers, as you inhale that wonderful perfume tickling the home-sweet-home sensations of your nose and heart. Years ago, my mind was programmed to associate the warm homey aroma of cinnamon with an unspoken, “I love you!” As a […]