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A Timeless Food

The year was 1890. Ladies’ fashions primarily were custom made, exorbitantly priced, and uncomfortable to wear. Issues were erupting in associated areas of diet and tooth decay. Because of these problems, Dr. John Kellogg, MI, realized that his toothless patients needed a healthy protein substitute that was easy to digest. Fast-forward fourteen years to 1904 […]

Save the Date!

The date is March 17. Many folks circle this mid-March date on their calendar as a day to wear the color green. After all, it is St. Patrick’s Day! Will Miss NiNi don her favorite green wearing apparel in a few short days to commemorate the day, Dear Readers? The answer to that question is […]

If You Bake A Cake From Scratch

There are various philosophies regarding the “what-works-for-me” method of mixing cake batter from scratch. Homemakers from decades past learned mixing techniques from their mothers and grandmothers, often without the aid of electrical appliances. Mixing batter manually with a wooden spoon produced tried-and-true results for hungry dessert-loving tummies. Also siphoned from this practice was a payoff […]

The Baking Poofers

The corner kitchen cabinet in our farm home held a mother lode of baking fun for this future Miss NiNi! It sat nestled between the east wall and attached string of upper cupboards and towered over the counter top on which stood Mom’s early 1950’s Hamilton Beach white and black stand mixer. Various containers were […]

It’s A Sweet Marriage

Maybe it began with the chocolate cherry cordial. Perhaps, it began with the fondue pot. It might have even begun with Lorraine Lorusso. (Who was she?) Dear Readers, the “it” about which I am speaking is the notable, eye-catching chocolate covered strawberry. The Perfect Combination Miss NiNi has often enjoyed the ambrosial goodness of many […]

The Loop-de-Loop That Changed Baking History

His name was Doc—D. R. “Doc” Rice. Have you ever heard of him Dear Readers? Miss NiNi hadn’t until my mind’s academia searched for answers to a baking question. I discovered that single-handedly, Doc changed a well-loved baked treat into what we recognize today as the popular Hostess cupcake. I’m getting a little ahead of […]

In the Land of Brown Sugar

A little brown bear—soft, furry, cuddly, and huggable. Wouldn’t you think those descriptors would be quite appropriate for the little four-legged creature, Dear Readers? I would, too! However, my baking chat today grants to us the ability to meander hither and yon down a quite different bear trail into the land of brown sugar. Please […]

Get Your Holiday Goodies…Before They’re Gone!

The Christmas season is getting crazy … and if you want Miss NiNi’s Delicious Desserts to adorn your holiday treat table, you MUST ACT NOW! Here are the details: Last day to order for in store pickup prior to Christmas is Thursday, Dec. 21, and the last day to pickup in store prior to Christmas […]

It’s Recess Time!

There comes a time in one’s life when the “cookie jar is full to overflowing.” As you might imagine, this is the time of year when we dessert bakers gladly work triple overtime to please the palates of those who highly value the work of our flour-dusted hands. With that in mind, Dear Readers, Miss […]

How Do You Like Your Cheesecake?

Over 40 years ago—yes, that’s  how long it’s been. Dear Readers, it’s been over four decades since I made my first cheesecake. I was shaking like a leaf and was at wit’s end while following the recipe’s directions to a T. Baking perfection was my goal! As did many homemakers of that era, I relished purchasing […]