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A Recipe’s Creative Rebirthing

It was when Second-Born Dear Daughter (SBDD) suggested that we introduce a touch of Spring to our dessert menu that she reflected on a very special family recipe. This recipe has had treasured residence in the family hand-me-down cookbook for decades. My mom’s angel food cake modus operandi was and still is part of the […]

The Little Darlin’s – Cake Truffles

I call them The Little Darlin’s. Dear Readers, one might think that this term of affection is designated for my two favorite little people in our family. It certainly does fit the description of our Grands, Little Missy and Little Sir! However, in this week’s baking chat, I’m referring to Delicious Defined Little Darlin’s that […]

A Gift That Created A Story

Dear Readers, I’m speculating that you have faded, perhaps-burned-on-the-edges aged potholder friends that have protected your hands and fingers for numerous baking years. Because cosmetics cannot necessarily repair their fabric blemishes, they get welcome rest when company comes. However, as soon as a guest’s last farewell is articulated, those baking pals gravitate to their rightful hallowed location next to the range.

Springtime Baking Wake-Up Call

Wake up! Wake up, Dear Readers! It’s a new season! With warmer days of the month, the banner of “Light and Fresh” waves ‘Good-Bye’ to the last snowman standing. Believe it or not, seasonality plays a gigantic part in desired food flavor preferences. We consumers begin craving fresh and fruity flavors with which to swaddle […]

My Homemaking Hero

I share the memory of homemaker emeritus, Eudora Pfeiffer because I am long overdue in awarding her with a golden crown into the exclusive Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court. This honor is given posthumously. Nevertheless, the path that she trod to become my homemaking hero is unsurpassed!

The Magic Password

350. Miss NiNi would note this number as the magic password into elite membership of the Baker’s Club of America. Why is that so, Dear Readers? Most recipes request the oven to be preheated to 350 degrees If you are an avid baker, this number is an automatic go-to setting on the dashboard of your […]

Peanut Butter and What?

It is a rare day in the household of Dearly Beloved and Miss NiNi when a jar of peanut butter remains closed. With the breaking of the dawn, peanut butter helps start my day off right. Miss NiNi is a creative breakfast shake virtuoso, so to speak. Using a little of this and a handful […]

Holidays of a Good Kind

I missed it! The observance was February 3. I missed celebrating it on its declared national let’s-have-a-party day. However, Dear Readers, a specific national jubilatory day need not be noted in large bright red font in Miss NiNi’s yearly calendar. ‘Why is that,’ you might ask? If your palate delights in the international sensation of […]

Ice Cream Bars Not Included

I’m surrounded by metal—a lot of it! Metal is present wherever the word, ‘dessert’ hovers over my life. Aluminum foil, flatware, mixing utensils, bowls, cookie cutters, kitchen appliances…and baking pans—lots of them! Square, round, rectangular, cookie sheets, Bundt, circular with a center tube, circular without a center tube, some with a springform latch, accordion-form-edge tart […]

A Great Cup of Coffee

It’s a chilly day in the neighborhood. I have found myself yearning for a warm, tummy hugging latte more than once today. How about you, Dear Readers? Are you of a coffee-drinking persona? Perhaps, you enjoy the flavor of coffee. Perhaps, you need the boost of energy that a first-of-the-morning cup of coffee provides. Maybe, […]