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Dozens of Them

Eggs…yes, eggs are on my mind today…dozens and dozens of them? “Decades” of dozens are sitting in our cooler awaiting their journey into handcrafted baking Yum! Sometimes the entirety of liquid contents within the shell—both white and yolk—are needed in a Miss NiNi recipe. Other times such as in some of our three-layer cakes, only […]

My Mother’s Day Treasure

It was a year of notoriety! Not only had Cracker Jack become the largest selling snack food in the world. But homemakers had the opportunity to replace a refrigeration relic–the wooden icebox– with a gorgeous electric refrigerator—but only if 900 extra dollars and even electricity itself were available. Certainly, the above-mentioned, life-was-made-easier inventions were “Hallelujahs” […]

The Dunking Kind

“A dunker…that’s what we need.” These were the words of Dearly Beloved as he contemplated the next cookie recipe I should consider testing. Let Miss NiNi explain the definition of “a dunker.” Dearly Beloved’s remembrance of this type of cookie retros to the years of his grandparents’ farming lifestyle. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee breaks from […]

Strangers Became Friends

Oh, was it ever fun, Dear Readers! Mentoring! Coaching! Instructing! The maiden baking class at Miss NiNi’s Baking University (MNBU) taught by Yours Truly was a solid success! The gamut of life’s generations was present! Both male and female representatives were in attendance. Their passions for baking shone as a bright beacon in a world […]

Creating a Yummy Puffy Treat

“Would you like to bake something,” I asked Little Missy? With a grin that erupted from her sweet ten-year-old face, “Can we?” was her enthusiastic reply! Many of you Dear Readers have followed the baking journey of my granddaughter since the inaugural penning of these baking chat columns. Time to gather with our grandchildren, Little […]

Back to School

Miss NiNi will soon be walking the hallowed halls of higher education! Check out this week’s #blog post to learn more about Miss NiNi’s Baking University!

From Simple to Beautiful

Do you ever consider the beauty within the mundane things of life, Dear Readers? Look within the perimeters of nature. Simple beauty is ever present. One might not surmise that little kitchen gadgets offer beauty in simplicity, too.  But, they do! Tucked inside a kitchen pantry are tools that can transform a ho-hum dessert into a […]