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My Next Writing Assignment

April 8, 2013. That was the date it began. Dear Readers, since that date in time, we have had about 335 weekly chats through the medium of modern technology. It’s been an undeniable pleasure, Dear Readers! As I reminisce about the words penned to you, I reflect on the windows of my personal and professional […]

An Apple Aroma Season

Mmm…it’s that first-of-the-fall, warm apple-pie-baking fragrance that has been wafting from my food lab for a few hours. I love it! Here, take a whiff, Dear Readers. Do you love it too? The scent did not come from the spritz of a room freshener, potpourri, or a softly glowing autumnal candle.  I did not even […]

Tasting the Sound of Food

Just for fun, Dear Readers, try this chocolatey experiment. Grab your favorite chocolate bar and start enjoying its rich chocolate taste. But wait! Before one bite is taken from the chocolate bar, play some light-hearted, higher-pitched, staccato (notes and sounds are detached from one another) music. Now, enjoy the chocolate-tasting experience. Don’t eat the entire […]

A Bit of Baking Sunshine

I wear this daily. As a matter of fact, Dear Readers, if I do not have the strings of clothing simplicity tied around my waist, I feel somewhat naked. This one-piece cover that serves as a daily embracing hug is my apron! Day after day, one might think that I don an apron for protection […]

My Baking Sidekick

She’s my Friday-afternoon sidekick. We are the Miss NiNi delivery team. As we meander the Des Moines Metro streets in Ethyl–my faithful 1994 Buick Roadmaster woody wagon,–we dine on conversation along with the finest of after-school snacks—rice cakes and water. A Shared Passion We’re both passionate about dessert baking. And now, she’s my teaching assistant […]

Remembering A Groom’s Cake

1989. The era of big hair! Shoulder pads in women’s clothing were hip! Steel Magnolias with its star-studded cast of actors and actresses made its debut on the silver screen. The plot of that movie was fun to follow! However, Dear Readers, the action in one scene featuring the groom’s cake is what truly hit a home […]

Seeing Double

It is a well-known supposition that a dessert baker such as Yours Truly cracks open dozens upon dozens of eggs. After breaking open the shell of an egg, I customarily visualize one egg yolk sitting cuddled inside the surrounding egg white. Pretty ordinary…correct? However, infrequently, this same set of egg-cracking circumstances reveals two yolks from […]

From Coloring Books to Recipe Books

As I reflect on memorable teachers in my life, I cannot help but recall some of the I-remember-you well-because-you-taught-me-the-joy-of-learning moments. My country school teacher, Mrs. Violette Arntz, an attractively attired, beautifully coiffed, energetic grandmother will always hold a special place in my heart. She imprinted a joy for learning within my mind unlike any other. […]

A Family of Food Judges

Last Sunday…at the Iowa State Fair. What a memory-making day it was for our family, Dear Readers! Yours Truly, both Dear Daughters, and our grandchildren Little Missy and Little Sir each donned the official blue-ribbon judging badge for the Iowa State Fair. For us three ladies of the family, the annual let’s-have-fun assignment was old […]