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Celebrating Mom

It was made of construction paper—8-1/2 x 11 inches in size—folded in half—carnation pink in color. Using my grass green Crayola crayon, I carefully drew simple outlines of rudimentary posies. Drawing was not my talent as a first grader and still is not. However, even those many years ago, a floral bouquet of such paper-made […]

Reaping Mighty Rewards

“Wholeheartedly.” “Do it with all your heart.” “With deep sincerity.” Clearly, as a small business owner, inspiration from those words forms the woof and warp threads of dessert-baking passion for Miss NiNi. Even as a child, my family’s farming heritage stamped “entrepreneur” on my heart. It was as if stepping stones to a life of […]

The Story of a Kitchen Heirloom

I walk in front of it multiple times daily. I am aware of the story of its journey…and yet, missing pieces of the saga are surely unknown. It’s an heirloom that even when taken out of intended service still touched the heart of a shy little country girl. The setting was during the 1950s when […]

Love In a Jar

How well I remember the shiny aluminum pan that lay tucked away behind closed doors in our farm kitchen! It was not a work horse by any means. Basically, it slept away the sands of time. “Used Only For A Few Special Occasions” could have been its future epitaph. This while-away-the-time pan was part of […]

For the Love of 50

It was the era of chiffon pies, angel food cake, and baked Alaska. Little tart-sized, double-crusted pies that replicated their big sister pies were new to the dessert scene. And, Dear Readers, let us not forget the ying and yang colors of dessertdom–chocolate cake with white icing. That yummy dessert debutante had its initiation into […]

A Cake’s Supporting Cast

416 was the count!  I know. I inspected the final tally, Dear Readers! Within that count, my two hands individually cradled 300 of them during another Miss NiNi Team dessert-baking marathon! As the recipient of a golden Academy award faces a sea of silver-screen idols, I, too, gratefully give thanks–to a one-of-a-kind group of little ladies. […]

And To Think It All Started with Muffins

Once upon a time, there was a timid little girl who grew up on the prairie. She lived in a rural environment and was surrounded by her family’s love. Farm animals of various sizes and shapes were her playmates. A reciprocated tenderness of heart with these animals grew by leaps and bounds day after windy […]

Are Roses Blooming in the Bakery?

Miss NiNi is rarely in the throes of such bounteous beauty. But I was a few days ago! Thousands of “mouthwatering” flowers of magnificent size, color, and grandeur graced the speaker’s platform at the Cass County Master Gardeners’ 20th Annual Spring Garden Seminar. A bouquet of floral fragrance in the venue was comforting and certainly reflected […]

A Timeless Food

The year was 1890. Ladies’ fashions primarily were custom made, exorbitantly priced, and uncomfortable to wear. Issues were erupting in associated areas of diet and tooth decay. Because of these problems, Dr. John Kellogg, MI, realized that his toothless patients needed a healthy protein substitute that was easy to digest. Fast-forward fourteen years to 1904 […]

Save the Date!

The date is March 17. Many folks circle this mid-March date on their calendar as a day to wear the color green. After all, it is St. Patrick’s Day! Will Miss NiNi don her favorite green wearing apparel in a few short days to commemorate the day, Dear Readers? The answer to that question is […]