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The Soloist and the Orchestra

Some people thrive as a soloist—the one in charge—the one whose expertise or talent through dedicated practice and experience might outshine that of others. Willing to step forth and take risks, the soloist says, “I can do this” and then proceeds to go to all lengths by independently demonstrating perseverance, risk taking, and endurance. On […]

Extraordinary Mentors

Of the two baby girls, she was born first—by 35 days. Each of these babies grew to adulthood—one in sunny Florida, Mrs. Maida Heatter—the other in the northern Great Plains, Mrs. Eudora Pfeiffer. Though unrelated by blood, residence, and occupation, they shared commonality. Had they ever met each other? No, they had not. Yet, both […]

She Said ‘Yes’

The request came from one of our talented Miss NiNi bakers via my Smartphone. The text message read, “We had a guy call (Miss NiNi’s Desserterie) and ask about Japanese style cheesecakes. He would want two for Saturday if we can do it.” Can we do it?   Miss NiNi was going to give it my […]

A Dessert Event to Celebrate

Miss NiNi must admit that the day could have come and gone, and a “boo hoo” would not have been sniveled. However, Dear Readers, since my adult palate has metamorphosed from childhood to adulthood, the taste buds of Yours Truly have been quite persuasive to cause the reassessment of imbibing in the delicious rich combination […]

Mr. Bishop’s Chocolate Pie

It all began as a venture in dining in Waterloo, IA, and soon grew to 35 Midwestern locations. The cafeteria chain, Bishop’s Cafeteria, which was begun by Benjamin Franklin Bishop in 1920 provided nine decades of culinary enjoyment until its lifespan ceased to exist. ( Hailing from one of the upper Great Plains’ states, my […]

Dozens of Them

Eggs…yes, eggs are on my mind today…dozens and dozens of them? “Decades” of dozens are sitting in our cooler awaiting their journey into handcrafted baking Yum! Sometimes the entirety of liquid contents within the shell—both white and yolk—are needed in a Miss NiNi recipe. Other times such as in some of our three-layer cakes, only […]

My Mother’s Day Treasure

It was a year of notoriety! Not only had Cracker Jack become the largest selling snack food in the world. But homemakers had the opportunity to replace a refrigeration relic–the wooden icebox– with a gorgeous electric refrigerator—but only if 900 extra dollars and even electricity itself were available. Certainly, the above-mentioned, life-was-made-easier inventions were “Hallelujahs” […]

The Dunking Kind

“A dunker…that’s what we need.” These were the words of Dearly Beloved as he contemplated the next cookie recipe I should consider testing. Let Miss NiNi explain the definition of “a dunker.” Dearly Beloved’s remembrance of this type of cookie retros to the years of his grandparents’ farming lifestyle. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee breaks from […]