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Wings of Independence

Dear Readers, the year 2017 is a milestone anniversary year! One might suppose that this achievement has something to do with Dearly Beloved and Miss NiNi. Please know that every year in our marriage is considered a beautiful milestone in life! However, today my baking chat focuses on a 115-year benchmark for what has become […]

The New Leader

It’s her lilting southern drawl that drew me in to conversation. In a few brief moments, I learned that her background in agriculture and home economics had some similarity to mine. Just as Miss NiNi’s life’s journey had led to Iowa, I yearned to know more about my new friend’s migration to our great state! […]

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice Recipe photo by Taste of Home

Changing of the Guard

It’s the changing of the guard—of sorts. Summer turns to autumn. Pastel warm-season tones give way to deepening intensities of ochre, bronze, and burgundy. Light fruity flavors and textures bid “Adieu” as more intense spicy flavors reappear for another tasty encore palette. We’re in that guard-changing time at Miss NiNi’s Dessserterie, Dear Readers, during which […]

Making “Remember When” Moments

I was in the midst of happiness the other day! It all started when Little Missy and Little Sir, my delightful grandchildren, donned aprons in order to prepare their food exhibits for the Iowa State Fair. The activity was held on a Sunday afternoon and was sandwiched in between a baseball game and summer block […]

Louise, Lana, and Dianna

There are three of them. They are pie bakers. These beautiful ladies do not share the same year of birth—maybe not even the same decade of birth. They certainly haven’t been trained in their craft by professionals. But can they ever make great pies! Grand championship pies nonetheless! Dear Readers, let me introduce you to […]

Temporary Phone Number for Miss NiNi’s Desserterie

Dear friends, we are unfortunately experiencing issues with our phone service at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie. To contact us at the Desserterie, please call (712) 249-0145. We anticipate the regular phone line will be up and running in short order, but this will ensure we don’t miss you in the meantime!

Remembering A Farm Boy

“He was a New England farm boy who never completed grammar school. Eventually he earned ‘the respect of every physicist in the country, not only for his ingenuity, but for what he had learned about physics by absorbing it through his skin.’” This farm boy was named Percy…Percy Spencer. Might you have met him in […]

A Symphony of Noise

This dessert baker lives in a noisy environment, Dear Readers! It is complete with alarms, buzzers, chimes, ding-dongs, and ringers. One might label these surrounding noises as an audiology nightmare. However, Miss NiNi cherishes the cacophony! Sounds produced from those noisemakers herald a passion for dessert baking exuded every 24 hours! While I am fast […]

Giving Back to the Hungry

Day in and day out via the retail highway, this dessert-baker entrepreneur shares a personal slice of passion for creating fine desserts that explode with flavor and presentation. Dear Readers, as a business person, one might think that the only goal Miss NiNi has is to be totally focused on balancing costs with income. Indeed, […]

The Gentleman Who Traveled for Cake

He is our metro neighbor—of sorts. He happened to visit Miss NiNi’s Desserterie one day—you know—to check us out. Reposing inside our dessert case at that moment in time was a beautiful three-layer cake chock full of plumped raisins and toasted English walnuts. Perhaps, it was the color contrast between dark-colored cake and cream cheese […]