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Temporary Phone Number for Miss NiNi’s Desserterie

Dear friends, we are unfortunately experiencing issues with our phone service at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie. To contact us at the Desserterie, please call (712) 249-0145. We anticipate the regular phone line will be up and running in short order, but this will ensure we don’t miss you in the meantime!

Remembering A Farm Boy

“He was a New England farm boy who never completed grammar school. Eventually he earned ‘the respect of every physicist in the country, not only for his ingenuity, but for what he had learned about physics by absorbing it through his skin.’” This farm boy was named Percy…Percy Spencer. Might you have met him in […]

A Symphony of Noise

This dessert baker lives in a noisy environment, Dear Readers! It is complete with alarms, buzzers, chimes, ding-dongs, and ringers. One might label these surrounding noises as an audiology nightmare. However, Miss NiNi cherishes the cacophony! Sounds produced from those noisemakers herald a passion for dessert baking exuded every 24 hours! While I am fast […]

Giving Back to the Hungry

Day in and day out via the retail highway, this dessert-baker entrepreneur shares a personal slice of passion for creating fine desserts that explode with flavor and presentation. Dear Readers, as a business person, one might think that the only goal Miss NiNi has is to be totally focused on balancing costs with income. Indeed, […]

The Gentleman Who Traveled for Cake

He is our metro neighbor—of sorts. He happened to visit Miss NiNi’s Desserterie one day—you know—to check us out. Reposing inside our dessert case at that moment in time was a beautiful three-layer cake chock full of plumped raisins and toasted English walnuts. Perhaps, it was the color contrast between dark-colored cake and cream cheese […]

Fancying a Customary Name

No commercial mixes! No siree! Miss NiNi uses no cake or frosting mixes in my perfectly charming and gloriously delicious little bits of cake paradise! Their mostly ring-shaped appearance might cause one to think that the term “ball” is a rather fitting description for something of this cake nature. Yet, in true Miss NiNi let’s-play-with-words […]

Pursuing the Gift of Freedom

These past few days as I created layer cakes and cheesecakes for a dessert-hungry clientele, I reflected on the freedom that citizens of my country can so enjoy day after day. Celebrations all across this land denote enthusiasm for our cherished liberty as folks annually enjoy backyard barbeques, partake in patriot-expressing parades or “ooh” and […]

Miss NiNi’s Favorite Ingredient

Ever since 1929 when the first “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”® advertisement was released, cardboard boxes of Rice Krispies® cereal have scored well-loved spots on a gazillion breakfast tables! However, prior to the creation of that puffy-crackly cereal created by the Kellogg’s Company, a protein-packed, meal-in-one food was standard tummy-satisfying, early-morning fare. It still holds its own […]

A Baker’s Class Schedule

Mathematics. Physical Science. Art. Psychology. Miss NiNi’s class schedule has rarely changed over decades of life. Oh, the depth of material within each subject matter has continuously refashioned itself. But with studious deployment of each of those subjects in day-to-day life, seasonal breaks have whizzed right past with nary a I-think-I-will-sleep-in opportunity. Dear Readers, one […]

Is it a Macaron or Macaroon?

It’s just a simple nonchalant circle that tells the story of two unique cookies! “Macaron” versus “Macaroon.” That little extra “o” is more than just a letter in the alphabet. And it plays a higher role than offering distinctive word pronunciation. In the baking world, the missing—or added letter can truly spell the difference between […]