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Side Tracked on the Way to the Kitchen

I never tire of it…feeling the gentle tap on my arm from a 5-year-old’s tiny fingers in the early-morning hours. The path from one quiet room to another had been dimly lighted, allowing this little one to creep ever-so-softly downstairs to her destination. Like clockwork, a sweetly spoken “cockle-doodle-doo” awakened me. It was time for […]

Floating on a Cloud to Paris

During the Christmas season Mom would often take me on a trip to Paris. Really, you might ask? Well, let me explain. As a young girl, I just knew that mom’s Chocolate Parisienne Cookies had to have come from an exquisite Parisian bakery. With one bite, I would close my eyes and pretend that I […]

Menoken Rural Sisterhood

Members of the Menoken Homemakers Club: women who were the movers and shakers in my rural North Dakota childhood community; wives of hard-working farmers and laborers who toiled from sunup to sundown earning an honest living on the prairie; mothers of my school mates. What is a homemakers club you might ask? Let me delight […] Crazy About Miss NiNi!

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New Honoree in Miss NiNi’s
Royal Baking Court

“You can’t take baking out of a lady’s life. You can’t take it out of the soul of a woman.” In tribute to her mother, these words were warmly voiced by the daughter of my newest honoree into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court, Mildred (Mrs. Folmer) Weddum. As I was welcomed into the tidy Weddum […]

The Nonchalant Crock on the Counter

It’s just a glazed earthen crock containing wire, wood, and silicone. To most minds, there is absolutely nothing special about that conglomeration of materials. However, heralding hues of red, orange, pink, purple, green, and blue make up the color wheel of vibrant images within the shape of this baked clay vessel. Above its rim, show-stopping […]

 My Favorite Childhood Dessert – Coffee Toffee Torte

I have a favorite dessert from my childhood. It has “Mom” written all over it! Actually, I don’t know the origination of the recipe. Maybe Mom created it, but I hardly think so. It just wasn’t within her nature to do that. She was great at following a recipe though and prepared numerous delicious desserts […]

What Was So Special About Friday?

As a child, Friday was always a special day in the week of my family, the Pfeiffer family. It wasn’t just A Friday, but EVERY Friday other than Christmas and New Year’s Day for 52 weeks of the year, every year during my childhood and beyond. It still was a day of toil for my […]

New Honoree Into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court

Recently while driving, I saw a sign flashing, “Hospitality Is Our Middle Name.” In the case of my new honoree into Miss NINi’s Royal Baking Court, “Hospitality” could, indeed, be her FULL name! I am so pleased to introduce you to Margaret (Mrs. Tom) Magill and highlight her life’s baking story. In separate conversations with […]