Celebrating Mom

It was made of construction paper—8-1/2 x 11 inches in size—folded in half—carnation pink in color.

Using my grass green Crayola crayon, I carefully drew simple outlines of rudimentary posies.

Drawing was not my talent as a first grader and still is not. However, even those many years ago, a floral bouquet of such paper-made love with accompanying sentimental message was truly destined to touch the heartstrings of the lady who nourished my life—my mom.

Perhaps, I fondly recall this special time in my life because of the imaginative effort put into its creation.

Starting Early

Or maybe, it is the fact that we elementary students also had the opportunity to make unbaked cookies to include with the greeting card. Even as a 6-year-old child, my attachment to baking and sharing with others was aglow.

Mother’s Day greeting cards and gifts have brought millions of smiles, laughter, and tears to mothers ever since Mother’s Day was first observed in our country in 1908. Count them–110 years of celebrated appreciation for Mom!

Grab your dessert forks and lift them high in honor of West Virginian, Anna Jarvis! She formed the holiday in honor of her late mother. Passionately, with much hard work and determination, her desire to honor all mothers in this country grew.

President Woodrow Wilson honored Anna and all American mothers by making the holiday official. That was eight years later in 1914. www.findmeagift.co.uk

Baking for Mom

Even decades hence that first handmade paper greeting and cookies were made by Yours Truly, Miss NiNi is still passionately baking for “mom.”

The days of baking Mother’s Day treats for my mom have come and gone. Yet, Dear Readers, I still have the pleasure of baking for anyone who you lovingly address as Mom. Thank you for honoring me with that opportunity!

And just in case you would like to have the person you call “Mom” meet Miss NiNi, I’ll be at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie on Sunday afternoon—Mother’s Day–to shake a hand or give a hug. As always, a slice of Miss NiNi’s desserts along with a great cup of coffee will be available!

Being Mom to First-Born and Second-Born Dear Daughters has been the paramount gift of my lifetime! Miss NiNi hopes you have had that same beautiful experience. Let’s celebrate together, shall we?