Celebrating with Cheesecake

It began as a national day of notoriety. However, festivities associated with this unique day of tasty imbibing can and do last for a lifetime…that is, if you are a devoted follower of cheesecake!

Traditionally, National Cheesecake Day is a July 30 cultural extravaganza for cheesecake lovers! Break out the plates and forks, Dear Readers!

Miss NiNi is unclear who created the delight-the-taste-buds’ event.

Perhaps, the architect was a dedicated follower of this basically eggs, sugar, and cream cheese dessert.  

An advertising agency might have been the “mover and shaker” behind the event.

Surprise, Surprise!

Dear Readers, the author could have been cheesecake fan, Dearly Beloved. But it wasn’t!

Regardless of the day’s history, the present and future of cheesecake baking rests in the hands of a multitude of pastry chefs and, yes, talented home bakers, too.

It wasn’t that long ago when as a baking homemaker in my farm kitchen, Yours Truly hit the jackpot!

On a certain designated calendar day, experimenting with a cheesecake recipe was noted on the schedule. I meticulously concocted the ingredients and gently placed the springform pan and its contents into the oven. After the heat of the oven had altered the composition of ingredients, the cheesecake left its cozy warm box and began to cool. My Best of the Best Lemon Cheesecake was “eye candy”! Now, would the flavor and texture of this magnificent dessert production join ranks with its beauty? Indeed, they did!

A panel of judges at the distinguished Iowa State Fair thought so, too! They awarded the champion purple ribbon to this delicacy.

Delicious Defined

Fast-forward to the creation of Miss NiNi’s dessert-baking business. It was only fitting that this lovely lemon cheesecake would serve as the anchor to Miss NiNi’s roster of sweet-course yummies.

Additionally, flavors of Lemon Raspberry Swirl, Decadent Turtle, Velvet Fudge, Bailey’s Caramel, Italian Tiramisu, Very Vanilla, Caramel Chocolate Chunk, Snicker’s, S’Mores, Pumpkin Praline, and Chocolate Raspberry Swirl would join the menu.

But, let’s return to solely celebrated National Cheesecake Day, Dear Readers. Now, why stop at just one day of cheesecake observance? As far as I am concerned, that day of cheesecake honor needs to be commemorated with the excitement of enjoying Miss NiNi’s cheesecakes all 365 days a year! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Many national bloggers and editors would agree to that! They had the opportunity to taste and impartially review Miss NiNi’s cheesecakes. Check out all of the double-thumbs-up cheesecake kudos at missnini.com.

Dear Readers, you might just want to enjoy a personal slice of a delicious-defined Miss NiNi’s cheesecake. Let’s see if your taste buds come to the same conclusion as those at celebritycafe.com. “Miss NiNi makes the best cheesecake in the world!”

Miss NiNi