Our Approach

When you think about the big bakers out there, they have one thing in common: Their products are produced on a massive scale in a factory setting. While many of these bakers likely started in a humble kitchen much like Miss NiNi’s, their growth dictated they move from hand production – measuring cups, sifters and cartons of eggs – to mass production.

The popularity of Miss NiNi’s products have created a demand that calls for mass production. But instead of looking for a factory and a fulfillment department, Miss NiNi is looking to do things differently.

In order to maintain the hands-on approach that has created loyal customers from coast-to-coast, Miss NiNi is in the process of establishing a network of bakers – we call them Bakeristas – who work from their own licensed kitchen or bakery to supply their local grocery stores, coffee shops, tea rooms, businesses and individual customers with the kind of treats that define delicious.

This local approach to mass production enables the Miss NiNi brand to maintain its reputation for absolutely decadent fresh-baked, home-made cookies, cakes and desserts.

We are currently gathering information from those interested in becoming a Bakerista. If you would like more information on joining the Miss NiNi’s team, please fill out the interest form below!


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