Dozens of Them

Eggs…yes, eggs are on my mind today…dozens and dozens of them?

“Decades” of dozens are sitting in our cooler awaiting their journey into handcrafted baking Yum!

Sometimes the entirety of liquid contents within the shell—both white and yolk—are needed in a Miss NiNi recipe. Other times such as in some of our three-layer cakes, only egg whites are used.

You might ask why that is. It’s all about the color of the cake and the fluff of the cake. If baking a white cake is on your “to do” list, only egg whites will be used.

Sunny Color

It stands to reason that egg yolks will add a naturally tinted sunny color to the batter. Consequently, a yellow cake is created when both yolks and whites are included.

Egg whites without the yolks produce an airy loftiness to the cake, thereby giving the cake more fluff.

Certainly, separating an egg white from the yolk can require patience and sometimes experience.

I use the word, “sometimes,” lightly as our granddaughter, Little Missy, seems to have had a natural talent for cracking and separating eggs from the get-go. If she is with me in the bakery as I’m creating an angel food cake, she enthusiastically gets the egg-whites-only job!

If a drop of egg yolk does decide to be a white’s close friend, be persistent and remove it please. Experience of chasing and catching the little egg-yolk-drop rascal that made its way into the white is always made easier when using a larger egg shell fragment to corner and catch the yellow invader.

Which Shell Shall We Choose?

Let’s just briefly chat about white versus brown shelled eggs, shall we, Dear Readers? Huff presents a mini tutorial as this: “White-feathered chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs. Red-feathered chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs.”  The caveat though in this summation is that the application does not apply to all breeds. Go figure!

Is there a nutritional difference between white versus brown shelled eggs? No Siree!

For those of you seeking a zero-carb, no-sugar, gluten-free food, you “nailed it” with the consumption of an egg!

Why then, has the subject of “decades” of dozens of eggs been on my mind, Dear Readers?

The Miss NiNi Baking Team breaks the shells of hundreds of eggs weekly. We use the white/yolk combination in most recipes.

Day after day, we whip egg whites only when making certain cakes. However, we rarely create desserts that require explicitly the golden egg yolk. That has now changed!

With the addition of handcrafted Key Lime Pie to our dessert arsenal, there has been a changing of the royal egg guard. This tangy pie uses yolks only which bring a beautiful color, richness, and density to the pie’s filling. Mmmmm good!

Get ready, my reposing-in-the-cooler eggs. You will soon experience stardom in a Miss NiNi dessert!

Miss NiNi