Episodes of an Iowa Summer Day

My family knows me well and understands that summertime’s heat and humidity can be downright fatal to my cheery personality! Basically, with the advent of 90-degree temperatures, my exuberant personality becomes tarred and feathered!

For instance, it was a number of years ago when on our farm, Dearly Beloved, Second Born Dear Daughter, and I were sorting sheep when an I’ll-remember-this-forever phrase espoused from my parched mouth.  

As I am accountable for the hundreds of pages of genetic information for our flock, when we are “working” sheep, if Dearly Beloved asks a genetic question about a particular ovine, I provide the answer on the spot.

Therefore, Dear Readers, it was only natural on that particular hot and humid day, along with my upside-down-turned five-gallon bucket “chair,” I had found a space in the shade from which to provide information. Unfortunately, the shade did not extend to where the physical work between man and livestock was being done.

Too Hot to Handle

As is sometimes the case, animals can be uncooperative with their caretakers. Maybe, the ewes (female sheep) were somewhat cantankerous due to the weather conditions. However, the frustrating voices of Dearly Beloved and Second Born Dear Daughter were starting to escalate when out of my mouth projected, “Look, we’re all hot here!”

Now, this might not seem like such a “big deal” to you, Dear Readers. However, in the heat of the moment, my loved ones looked at me in disbelief that I should be so unseemingly uncomfortable when all I was doing was sitting on a bucket…in the shade, no less.

They, on the other hand were continuously spending boundless physical energy to complete the task at hand.

Thank goodness for laughter! All of a sudden, we began to chortle at the ridiculousness of my exclamation! Fortunately, good came from the occurrence as the “ice” of the heated moment had been broken.

Heating Up in Valley Junction

Dear Readers, I recall this family memory in today’s baking chat because the same feeling of physical discomfort due to summertime in Iowa bubbled inside of Miss NiNi.

Dearly Beloved, whose temperature tolerance has always been at least 20 degrees higher than mine, and I were not standing amid our ewe flock nor were we discussing genetics. We were venturing anew as a Miss NiNi vendor at the Historic Valley Junction Farmer’s Market in West Des Moines.

Cement so hot, on which one could fry an egg, was the resting place for our feet as the summer sun continued to remain in control of my happiness factor.

Unsurprisingly, the thermometer’s mercury had discovered the century mark! Even though a four-legged tent protected us from the rays of the blistering yellow ball in the sky, let me just lay it out for you, “Look, we’re all hot here!”

Miss NiNi’s desserts took the weather extremes all in stride as their wrapped bottoms were resting on solid ice packs. Perhaps, Dearly Beloved and I should have experienced the same standard of air conditioning!

It’s the Kindness that Counts

Oh, yes, Dear Readers, it was a scorcher! But the kindness of people who were out and about at the market far outweighed my discomfort!

Samples of Miss NiNi’s Original CupCakes A-Jar were introduced to hundreds of senior and junior market-goers. Plus, the coffer for coins and bills gained new members due to dessert sales.

Yes, my historic “Look, we’re all hot here!” expression can and will play tag with the events of my contented Iowa life. The pendulum might swing again in that direction as Miss NiNi’s Desserterie will occupy space 150 for five more Valley Junction markets in 2018.

Circle these dates on your calendar. If you are in the West Des Moines Valley Junction area on Aug. 9, 23, 30 and Sept. 20 and 27, stop in to meet Miss NiNi and catch a delicious sample of our unique CupCakes A-Jar. 

We’re offering a taste of Miss NiNi’s new Kickin’ Good Chocolate. This flavorful celebration of hot sauce and cinnamon married to the yummiest chocolate fudge frosting and cake you will ever taste is an Mmmmm cupcake winner!

“Scorching Heat” could very well be the upcoming forecast for our next farmer’s market date.  Be that as it may, Miss NiNi’s handcrafted dessert treats will satisfy the sweet tooth on any Iowa day.

See you soon at the Historic Valley Junction Farmer’s Market!

Miss NiNi