Evolution of the Okey-Pokey

Hmmm. Did you catch it? One might think that there is a typo in my title. However, there is not, Dear Readers.

Of course, it’s familiarly easy to let the Hokey Pokey slide right into the caption’s mix. After all, the well-known British folk dance named as such has been part of mini-movement dance history since early 1826.

With simple directions, “You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out,” the song’s lyrics eventually direct you to shake the appendage and “do the Hokey Pokey”. Does anyone remember this? I thought you might!

Now know this, Dear Readers. The name, Hokey Pokey, has also danced its way into ice cream history. Yes, it has!

Small solid lumps of honeycomb toffee became partners with plain vanilla ice cream in the country of New Zealand. A new dessert product with a very familiar name—Hokey Pokey–was launched and has become the second most popular ice cream flavor in that Down-Under land. Wikipedia.org

A Delicious Summer Treat

My chat today is really not intended to focus on those two subjects. Yet, it is to highlight more-than-just-for-summer ice cream in Miss NiNi form—Miss NiNi’s Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich!

Little did I know that the ice cream sandwich’s predecessor was a slice of vanilla ice cream cut from a larger slab known as an ‘okey-pokey.’ Street vendors in London penned the term. 5280burgerbar.com

And what began in the Bowery area of New York in 1899 as a block of vanilla ice cream or an “okey-pokey” positioned between two thin graham crackers, has since withstood the test of refreshing ice-cream treat time.

Rather than using graham crackers or even chocolate cake-type cookies as is so commercially common, Miss NiNi hand forms her cookies. I call them Comfort Cookies. They are handcrafted from family recipes and are delicious when enjoyed by themselves or when enveloping an okey-pokey.

Two of Mr. Fred’s Favorite Peanut Butter Cookies seriously play a role in ice-cream sandwich perfection.

Perfectly Paired

A duo of Miss NiNi’s Bet-You-Can’t-Eat-Just-One Chocolate Chip Cookie holds an okey-pokey expertly.

A vanilla okey-pokey resting between a duet of Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sugar Cookies is a party all of its own when colorful sprinkles festively adorn the frozen dairy circumference. All are super-duper chilly homemade to-go treats!

It’s hot! It’s humid! It’s Iowa! Dear Readers, why not try your own hand at making ice cream sandwiches? They only require ice cream in your favorite flavor and cookies to envelop a scoop of ice cream. Decorative garnish of rainbow-colored sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, toasted coconut, or whatever your creative spirit imagines put them over the top! Children will have a blast making and eating them!

However, just in case your okey-pokey sandwich love affair does not include personal creativity, let Miss NiNi’s Desserterie know. We’ve got you covered.

Okie Dokie?!

Miss NiNi