Fancying a Customary Name

No commercial mixes! No siree! Miss NiNi uses no cake or frosting mixes in my perfectly charming and gloriously delicious little bits of cake paradise!

Their mostly ring-shaped appearance might cause one to think that the term “ball” is a rather fitting description for something of this cake nature. Yet, in true Miss NiNi let’s-play-with-words fashion, just as a dessert bakery has become a “desserterie” and a baker has been dubbed as a “bakerista,” so has a cake ball become a cake “truffle.”

One is put into an in-vogue frame of mind by just “fancying” a customary name.

What’s in a Name?!?

Dear Readers, you might be asking, ‘Miss NiNi, what is the hullabaloo about labeling a petite spheroid piece of frosted cake as a truffle versus a ball?’ To that, I answer, ‘Nothing… but everything….and the everything is defined as perception!’

In other words, the aura of Miss NiNi’s Desserterie and the food and beverages served within are truly at one with the definition of “classy.” Our guests tell us that time after time! With added front-porch cordiality in this boutique setting, they feel right at home and return time after time for their little piece of lunch-beverage-dessert heaven!

But, let’s chat about that little sweet treat known as a cake truffle, shall we, Dear Readers

Stretching the Definition

Typically, a truffle is a soft candy made of a chocolate mixture and often flavored with rum and covered with cocoa. Sounds delish!

Miss NiNi has stretched that sweet definition into the cake world by combining from-scratch cake and frosting and shaped small amounts of this incredible mixture into rounded two-to-three-bite desserts.

To complete the dessert, they are then dipped into a variety of colors of melted bliss coating. You will need to ask Miss NiNi’s truffle team of Julia, Jill, Louise, and Sydney how they get the perfect swizzle over the tops of the mini desserts. These ladies are the designers of all truffles created at Miss NiNi’s.

Hundreds of these little cake darlin’s are packaged and escorted to dessert tables hither and yon for special-occasion receptions, afternoon tea, or given as gifts. They truly complete the category known as “The Little Black Dress of Entertaining.”

All That (and More!)…

Oh, and did I mention that The Miss NiNi Truffle Team also creates handcrafted cheesecake truffles? Yes, they do!

Oodles of recipes for cake balls and cake truffles abound on the Internet with glowing five stars listed beside them. Dear Readers, I encourage you to take a peek at them and creatively venture into that chapter of dessert baking.

However, just in case you need The Miss NiNi Truffle Team to assist with your cake truffle experience, flavors of chocolate, lemon poppy seed, red velvet, champagne, and coconut are available at the desserterie.

Remember, as is every Miss NiNi dessert, each and every truffle is made totally from scratch.

Your Personal Dessert Baker,

Miss NiNi