Fanning the Flame of Baking

It started years ago, Dear Readers.

As I perched on a wobbly three-legged stool in our farm kitchen and watched Mom knead mounds of bread dough with her strong arms and hands, I became internally motivated for the future.

It was the rhythmical rocking back and forth foot movement as she worked bread dough between sturdy hands that left a favorable impression in this adolescent mind. This dance between my Momma and the burgeoning unbaked ball of the bread of life was a beautiful work of art!

Putting in the Work

A continuous Fold-Push-Turn for ten minutes added high-protein bread flour to the large ball of yeasty aromatic dough. The more she kneaded the dough, the firmer it became as it journeyed its way into fashioned sustenance.

However, there was a point at which enough flour had been added to the dough as too much flour would have resulted in a drier product. The results of Mom’s know-how while performing this task were not only tasty but beautiful!

Week after week, the act was repeated. Mom was an amateur professional in this craft and certainly attained grand-champion bread-baking status in our family.

A Hearty Passion

As the sands of time progressed, Dear Readers, the inspirational flame to bake yeast breads was fanned within my heart. From decades of home yeast-baking experience to Iowa State Fair Grand Champion yeast-bread honors, Miss NiNi is now excited to fuel that brilliantly glowing flame in the handcrafted commercial baking world!

Miss NiNi realizes that I might be stretching the dessert-baking protocol when putting the finishing touches on my cinnamon roll recipe, Dear Readers.

However, desserts come in many shapes and styles and are made of various ingredients. Surely a frosted cinnamon roll and pecan caramel roll are worthy members of our dessert menu! Wouldn’t you say that reasoning is appropro?

Oh, it will be such an exciting day for Miss NiNi when these tender, light, flavorfully beautiful rolls soon dance their way into the hearts of many!

With each Fold-Push-Turn of the dough during the kneading process, I will be reminded of Mom and the yeast-baking desire she kindled within my heart!

Thanks bunches, Mom!!

Miss NiNi