For the Love of 50

It was the era of chiffon pies, angel food cake, and baked Alaska.

Little tart-sized, double-crusted pies that replicated their big sister pies were new to the dessert scene.

And, Dear Readers, let us not forget the ying and yang colors of dessertdom–chocolate cake with white icing. That yummy dessert debutante had its initiation into society over 60 years ago.

Lo and behold, these unique desserts were not passing fancies. They, along with hundreds of other bits of sweetness that were created during the 1950s, survived the sands of time and even today are still favorites on dessert palates far and wide!

The five-zero number will soon be the brightly shining focus of attention in our Atlantic community as it is the star attraction of the upcoming Cass County Health System’s Foundation Gala, Saturday, April 21.

Now, why oh why would the number 50 be of such importance at that Fabulous 50s event, Dear Readers?

A Great Cause

Festooning the promenade of reasons is one which is important to the health of us all—state of the art cancer-screening technology and associated raising of monies to purchase that equipment.

This year’s CCHS’s annual fundraising campaign focuses on new endoscopy equipment that will aid in the diagnosis of fighting diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, and bowel. This leading-edge equipment comes with a generous price tag–$250,000.

New, improved, state-of-the-art equipment can help detect polyps in their earlier stages, allowing us to have a much better chance of beating the disease, according to foundation director, Dawn Marnin.

Age 50 is the recommended age to begin having a colonoscopy. Have you had yours, Dear Readers? Miss NiNi has!

Fittingly, the Cass County Memorial Hospital, clinic, and the Foundation are all celebrating 50 years!

So, rediscover your favorite sequined poodle skirt, bobby socks, and saddle shoes and enjoy the gala at the Atlantic Golf and Country Club! But you must hurry as only a few seats are still available! Tickets are $75.00 and available through the foundation at 712-243-7409.

A lively evening including a fantastic dinner, a dessert dash, and sure-to-bring-loads-of-rousting-laughter “Dancing with the Cass County Stars” will round out the night.

Giving Back

Now, just how does Miss NiNi plan to participate in the fundraising, Dear Readers?

Twenty-eight beautiful handcrafted desserts from a talented repertoire of local dessert bakers will be showcased. Let the spirited bidding begin!

Miss NiNi will have two featured beauties that will coax the jingle out of any guest’s pocket!

For the second year in a row, Jo Ann Poeppe, CCHS Foundation Board member, has requested Miss NiNi to create a dessert especially for her donation to the dessert dash. Using a strawberry theme, Jo Ann’s contribution will feature a handcrafted 3-layer strawberry cake with fresh strawberry filling, strawberry buttercream frosting and chocolate-dipped strawberry adornment. Might I say that the lovely pink color and accompanying berries will capture the hearts of many Fabulous 50s’ attendees!

June 3, 1957, was the date a new-to-the-art dessert recipe was showcased in the Dallas Morning News. That dessert, German Chocolate Cake, is Miss NiNi’s gift for the CCHS fundraiser. This 3-layer cake is comfort food for the soul! Shredded coconut and toasted pecans grace the traditional well-loved frosting that lies between the cake’s layers and graciously covers the entirety of the cake. It will make your mouth water just at the mention of its name! How will Miss NiNi adorn the cake for even more eye appeal, Dear Readers? Only those who so willingly participate in the gala will know!

Last year, the results of enthusiastic bidding by dessert aficionados, generous guest contributors, and an unsparing matching gift from Atlantic’s First Whitney Bank and Trust joined the total tally of $94,000. Those monies contributed to a state-of-the-art 3D mammography unit which has since been used by many southwest Iowa women including Miss NiNi.

Perhaps, you, Dear Readers, as Miss NiNi, lived during the 1950s and well remember chiffon pies, the introduction of angel food cake, and the yes-you-can-bake-ice-cream-and-it-won’t-melt baked Alaska.

Memories of that era will be brought to life in a few days in my hometown. How exciting it will be when gorgeous desserts become the memory makers and money makers for such a wonderful cause!

Miss NiNi