From Coloring Books to Recipe Books

As I reflect on memorable teachers in my life, I cannot help but recall some of the I-remember-you well-because-you-taught-me-the-joy-of-learning moments.

My country school teacher, Mrs. Violette Arntz, an attractively attired, beautifully coiffed, energetic grandmother will always hold a special place in my heart. She imprinted a joy for learning within my mind unlike any other. From grades one through four, I was enrobed within her tutelage of knowledge. She set the bar of education high in the classroom and exemplified that in her daily life within our farming community.

A simple first-grade coloring book along with my newly untouched box of six Crayola colors began to extract the creative artisan in this soul.

Long-lived and long-loved Dick and Jane reading textbooks taught me to employ freshly learned phonics’ skills as my world opened to the joys of understanding words and their impact on myself and others. “See Dick run.” Remember those words, Dear Readers?

The Window to the Soul

Music books opened the windows of my soul to expressive art. Fine-motor skills were finessed as my brain, eyes, fingers, and feet worked as one to deliver defined harmonic piano sounds. The walls of our farm home contained a joyful noise of instrumental and vocal musical interpretation. As I grew in this musical knowledge, school and the world became my expressive stage for sharing musical beauty.

Another silver-haired woman whose love of teaching the art and science of food found her way into my collegiate life. Even today as I practice my dessert baking profession, the memory of Miss Sheldon’s words, “Always taste the food you have prepared before serving it” wave  a remember-me “hello” within my spirit. As I sample flavors and textures of freshly created desserts, her approving smile hovers within the recesses of my mind.

Dear Readers, I can never deny the fact that my mom, Eudora Pfeiffer, was the day-to-day educational expert in my life! Her formal education stopped with a high-school diploma. Yet her practical knowledge and encouraging “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” taught a determined do-it-until-you-get-it-right value that enjoys residence within my desire still today.

Practice Makes Perfect

Do the best you can! Don’t roughshod! Practice! Practice! Practice! Keep at it and you’ll get it! The grave cannot snuff out her memory’s encouraging words!

Going back to school is a natural phenomenon within the calendar’s August-September pages. At Miss NiNi’s Desserterie, we believe a foundation of baking skills is necessary in achieving successful baking outcomes.

Let me, Miss NiNi, teach those concepts to you!

Saturday, September 7 at 1:30 is the time set for another Baking Basics class. Even if you have been baking for years, there is something to be gleaned in this class opportunity. Our students agree!

Part of our two-hour class allows the students to become “Miss NiNi Bakers for the Day” Step behind our swinging black bakery doors into our commercial kitchen to create your own warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. Children and adults are welcome!

If your calendar is booked for that upcoming date, let me know what fits your schedule. Get a group of four or more together for an enjoyable time of learning and laughter.

Kiddos of all ages—if joy comes from coloring a beautiful design, creating beautiful music, or handcrafting something yummy to eat, learning to be the best you can brings joy to your soul.  I am living proof of that!

Enjoy the learning journey, Dear Readers!