A Gift That Created A Story

She knows me well! This little third-grader knows me very well!

She knows that I love all of the colors on the color wheel—and then some.

Plus, she knows that my hands constantly await danger if not properly attired with heat-protective gear when in the food lab.

Therefore, when I took receipt of my hand-woven, fiesta-of-colors, 4-1/2-inch square gift, I delighted in praising the talent and kindness of our precious granddaughter, Little Missy.

“What birthed the idea of this thoughtful gift,” I wondered?

Oh, I know! The little miss had joined the kitchen conversation among Dear Daughters and me in which the discussion was about my wardrobe of kitchen potholders—those well loved because they fit my hand like a protective glove and those newer-appearing, bulkier ones that had been delegated to permanent vacation status in my cabinet drawer.

Therefore, when shy Little Missy proudly shared her gift with me, it was as if she was an originator of a Hallmark greeting-card message, “See, Grandma, it’s thick but not too bulky for you to hold in your hand.”


Dear Readers, I’m speculating that you have faded, perhaps-burned-on-the-edges aged potholder friends that have protected your hands and fingers for numerous baking years. Because cosmetics cannot necessarily repair their fabric blemishes, they get welcome rest when company comes. However, as soon as a guest’s last farewell is articulated, those baking pals gravitate to their rightful hallowed location next to the range.

You might even have a collection of Mom’s or Grandma’s love-worn, pot-holder appendages that were as much a part of their homemaking hands as were the faded aprons that wrapped around their bodies. These significant layered and quilted pieces of fabric often come with reflections of favorite foods that had been prepared by wise, time-traveled faces of loved ones.

Sweet Sister and I reminisced about some of the potholder friends of our youth. Since neither of us remembered the exact story of each one’s initiation into our farm family’s kitchen, we imagined their stories had one-of-a-kind beginnings.

Dad might have rescued them with payment of a greenback at a local household auction.

Perhaps, they were purchased with a cash donation at a country church bazaar.

Precious Orphans

Suppose they were accidentally left as “orphans” after a generous community potluck meal had been served at the local town hall. If penned, their stories of an almost 45-year lifespan would bode well in Dewey Decimal System’s fictitious category of Kitchen Helper Historical Prose.

At Miss NiNi’s Desserterie, comfortable, heat protective pot holders are as much a part of our baking attire as are our aprons and restrained hair. After all, the gifted hands that create our desserts are highly skilled and highly valued!

Dear Readers, hand protection in the kitchen comes in beautiful colors, patterns, and sizes. But don’t let the fanciness of the item sway your buying or using habits when it comes to safety.

Whatever your choice of hand protection when working around hot surfaces, the foremost thought needs to be this: Is the potholder thick enough to prevent skin burns yet fit the hand comfortably in order to safely allow you to hold on to a hot pan?

The third-grader who knows her grandma well considered this fact when weaving the potholder for me. But, Dear Readers, she also added pinches of practicality and cupfuls of love. Now, that’s the truly best part!!

Miss NiNi