Giving Back to the Hungry

Day in and day out via the retail highway, this dessert-baker entrepreneur shares a personal slice of passion for creating fine desserts that explode with flavor and presentation.

Dear Readers, as a business person, one might think that the only goal Miss NiNi has is to be totally focused on balancing costs with income. Indeed, that is Goal Number One! However, there is more to the world of restaurant entrepreneurship than that!

Giving Back

A few days ago, Miss NiNi had an opportunity to demonstrate the “above and beyond” by giving back to the community of central Iowa.

And specifically how was that done, Dear Readers? Miss NiNi’s Desserterie was invited to be a guest dessert vendor at the Morsel Combat sponsored by nonprofit Meals from the Heartland.

Morsel Combat is a food event fighting hunger by raising substantial funds to feed people in Iowa and around the world.

As hunger is battled in our community and the world, so, too, would nine renowned chefs from the vibrantly growing Des Moines restaurant community participate in their own culinary battle.

Each chef was charged with the task of creating and showcasing a small-plate menu item. But the plating didn’t stop with only one. Over 300 charity-minded spectators were waiting behind closed doors to partake in the innovative gourmet gastronomic samples, too.

Excitement built within the competition gallery as the double doors opened.

Friendly Competition

Hundreds of hungry guests flocked inside the room and noted picture-perfect food presentation by each chef! Let the tasting begin!

Miss NiNi’s Desserterie was joined by cookie bakery, Echo’s Cookies, Waukee, IA, to provide a sweet palate-cleansing treat as a finale to the nine savory exhibits.

What was on Miss NiNi’s dessert menu that evening, Dear Readers?

Miss NiNi united flavors of Red Velvet Cake and Raspberry Vanilla Cheesecake to make individual pyramid-shaped desserts now titled NiNi Cakes. A layered sandwich effect combined flavors and colors of the two distinctly baked NiNi-Cake components.

As the little cakes lined up on my presentation table, the sight drew in an army of chefs and patrons alike. But when a morsel of NiNi Cake rested on the taste buds of each, exclamations of “Yum,” “Ooh,” “Oh,” and almost everything sensually in between!

What a privilege to have been part of this great culinary event!

Reaching Out, Helping Others

For ten years now, meal distribution to the hungry has exploded through this organization! In 2017, it will package and distribute its 100,000,000 meal! Of special note is that Convoy of Hope (who Miss NiNi financially supports) serves as the logistics partner through their feeding initiative program.

Dear Readers, my chat with you today is incomplete without mention of the winning chefs from this great event. Congratulations to Tag Grandgeorge from French bistro LeJardin—Morsel Combat’s Top Chef.

Capturing the hearts of the people was the taste and aesthetic of NYC sushi created by Jay Wong of Wasabi restaurant, who received the People’s Choice award. All competing chefs are truly dedicated to their craft!