Two Unknowns and a Well Known – The History of German Chocolate Cake

It was June 3, 1957, when a Dallas, TX, homemaker, Mrs. George Clay began writing her name in the Library of Baking Notoriety.

At the time, The Dallas Morning News featured a “Recipe of the Day” column. Mrs. Clay submitted her original recipe that featured a product which had been introduced to the market place 105 years prior.

The developer of that product was named Samuel German.

The product he formulated was a type of dark baking chocolate.

The company for which he worked was Baker’s Chocolate Company.

The recipe was named “German’s Chocolate Cake.” (Yes, the apostrophe “s” is correct.)

Wait, It’s Not From Germany?

Through the years between the development of this chocolate bar and Mrs. Clay’s recipe invention, the Baker’s Chocolate Company had been sold to General Foods (a well-known food brand still today). Their marketing team happened to have seen the published recipe, took notice, and distributed the recipe to other newspapers in the country.

This company marketing plan was indeed a win-win as my source went on to say, “Sales of Baker’s Chocolate are said to have increased by as much as 73%. The cake would become a national staple!”

Dear Readers, as you peruse the baking aisle, perhaps you knowingly recognize the brown and green box containing a 4-ounce chocolate baking bar. It is still identified with the name, “German’s” even though we tend to drop the final letter when exclaiming, “I could sure use a piece of German Chocolate Cake!”

Some might have assumed that perhaps this particular baking chocolate was made in Germany—and thus given the name it has? It would be easy to think that. However, it wasn’t.

Be that as it may, wherever in the world this infamous product was developed, its notoriety will continually be associated with cravings of uniquely light chocolate richness!

And that typical coconut-pecan-caramel frosting that so deliciously fills and frosts German Chocolate Cake—it, too has extolled duo-team status in the final delicious dessert-meets-taste-buds’ presentation!

Our Own Version of German Chocolate Cake

Miss NiNi cannot claim to have originated the recipe. Yet I can acclaim the adoration of Miss NiNi’s “Incredible German Chocolate Cake”!

Miss NiNi Team members keep an open ear when our guests request their favorite handcrafted dessert be baked by us. With its ooh-and-awe popularity, I’m thinking that it won’t be long until this cake receives a permanent spot in Miss NiNi’s Library of Baking Notoriety!

Dear Readers, I don’t know what’s on your calendar for June 11. But I’ve marked that date with a giant star! It’s national German Chocolate Cake Day!

In case you don’t want to follow the recipe on the box of German’s Chocolate to bake your own cake, I absolutely know where you can find a slice…or an entire cake!