Holidays of a Good Kind

I missed it! The observance was February 3.

I missed celebrating it on its declared national let’s-have-a-party day. However, Dear Readers, a specific national jubilatory day need not be noted in large bright red font in Miss NiNi’s yearly calendar.

‘Why is that,’ you might ask?

If your palate delights in the international sensation of cinnamon, raisins, toasted walnuts, carrots, and cream cheese as mine does, it’s a happy ‘National Carrot Cake Day’ any day Miss NiNi’s Heavenly Carrot Cake meets each and every taste bud!

As I reminisce about my love affair with carrot cake, it truly began as a child when my Grandma P. first made frosted carrot cookies in the little house on North 11th Street. At that point in my life, cookie experiences on my palate had been of the chocolate chip and oatmeal flavors. To taste the warmth of cinnamon spice enveloped with the sweetness of raisins and the tenderness provided by grated fresh carrots was a palate awakener. With a little dollop of cream cheese frosting on the cookie’s dome, the tasting became an unforgettably notable experience.

But, that all happened many decades ago. After Grandma’s hands no longer created delicious baked treats, the taste of carrot cookies sat in my personal hibernation mode.

That is until one extremely hot summer day when I accompanied Dearly Beloved to nearby Metro’s professional ballpark. He loves baseball! I love cookbooks! We mutually enjoy the ‘Batter Up’ experience together as long as I’m able to pass the time of day perusing through cookbooks while sitting side by side in the sweltering Midwest sunshine.

Recipes of dessert-baking professional Maida Heatter were bound together and sitting in my lap. My mouth began to water! For on those pages, that long-hibernated memory came alive. She described her carrot cake as absolutely divine! I had no reason to disagree.

The next baking day couldn’t come soon enough for Miss NiNi! With ingredients assembled and three baking pans prepared, I shredded one pound of carrots in the food processor, plumped raisins, toasted English walnuts and mixed cake batter. As the melody line is the “go-to” of a song, the melodious aroma of heavenly spices was wafting to my nose even before the oven’s heat brought forth an explosion of deep aromatics within the food lab.

The crowning glory of my personally named Heavenly Carrot Cake was enrobing it with silky cream cheese frosting. Dear Readers, may I get a giant ‘Yum’?


Truly, I am not quite certain what particular ingredient causes folks to come back to Miss NiNi’s Desserterie time and time again and wholeheartedly say, ‘This is the best carrot cake that I’ve ever eaten!’

Perhaps, it’s the lack of preservatives in the dessert that prevents an undesirable ‘commercial’ taste.

Maybe, it’s the fact that Miss NiN’s cakes and frosting are made from scratch by Jill, Abby, Ashley, and Louise–Miss NiNi’s team of bakers–whose happiness and deep passion for baking are gently folded right into the recipe. I invite you to be the judge, Dear Readers.

Having missed National Carrot Cake Day was certainly an oversight on the part of Miss NiNi. However, I  have a few days to purchase party hats to prepare for the first day of March.

According to,  ‘National Dadgum That’s Good Day!’ is right around the corner. Miss NiNi, her team, and exploding group of new and repeat guests will celebrate in style.

Oh, but why celebrate this headliner day only once a year? We can celebrate ‘National Dadgum That’s Good Day!’ 365 days a year at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie!

Miss NiNi