It All Began with a Hand-Held Mixer

For decades, my only mixer was the one I had purchased after college graduation prior to setting up housekeeping in my little efficiency apartment in the city.

Remember the decorating era of avocado green and harvest gold? Those 2 colors decorated the homes of millions in the decade of the 1970s. Not only did carpet manufacturers and paint companies cash in on those neighboring colors on the color wheel, but wearing apparel and kitchen appliances were designed to also capture the essence of those colorful years.

My brand, spanking new two-beater hand-held mixer was avocado green, and was I ever proud of it!!! I thought I was truly uptown when I stood at my harvest gold counter top mixing ingredients for any recipe that required a beating procedure. Now, my middle name could be “I Love Color,” so you see why I was so very joyful to have a mixer that was a fashionable color. (My memory recalls that electric mixers were only available in white up to this time.) Talk about inspiration! I wanted to bring that mixer out of its cozy little drawer where it was kept during down times just to hold it in my hands and gaze upon its loveliness.

My little green portable mixer, who I will now name Pal, travelled with me to my new home after marriage and served as my favorite kitchen appliance for over 20 years. It was highly skilled at beating 24 ounces of cream cheese for a cheesecake and combining ingredients for yeast bread dough which were TOUGH jobs for little Pal.

I had no desire to purchase a stand mixer as Pal and I were buddies. Plus, it wasn’t until Kitchen Aid began producing stand mixers that were various glorious hues of color that I even became interested in decorating my kitchen with a stand mixer.

A highlight of my baking history happened decades after the purchase of Pal when I brought a new “baby” into our home known to me as Kitchen Aid mixer number one. Was it white or silver or black? No siree! Yummy TANGERINE was the color of my choice to complement the blue and orange in my kitchen. Since I need to mix multiple batches of a recipe at once, “baby” number two found a way into my heart. Girly PINK, my favorite color, now graces that same counter top, too. Of course, in my business, having a number three, spare “baby,” is necessary to keep the ovens baking and the dessert orders going out the door. I’ll let you ponder on what color this mixer is. Know for sure that it is not white, or silver, or black!

And as far as Pal is concerned, my little avocado green buddy retired valiantly. I do own a kissin’ cousin (just for old time’s sake), but it is not used much…It’s white!

Miss NiNi