It’s Not Just For Food Prep

It’s my favorite room in our home! Yes, Dear Readers, my kitchen ranks in the high echelon of comfort zones for Miss NiNi!

It’s the room in which the sciences of sociology, psychology, economics, physics, and chemistry lay in gentle rest until you or I or another gentle soul opens the pantry door of life’s culinary possibilities. defines a kitchen as this: a set of fixtures, cabinets, and appliances that are sold together and installed in a room where food is prepared.

Oh, but wait a moment, Mr. Bing. The kitchen is much much more than a sterile set of fixtures, cabinets, and appliances!

It is the community center of the home. It’s the space of high-level decision making. Tears are shed. Eyes are dried. Hearts are mended within the confines of this expanse. I know that for a fact!

If the kitchen is so utterly valuable to the human psyche, what then makes it the “wanna-be-in-there” favored room in a house?

A Little Bit of Everything

A kitchen is a food warehouse. The situation of “I’m hungry! What is there to eat?” gets solved pretty quickly in the kitchen.

Additionally, the influence of color and design touch our minds as we chew and swallow to curb hunger.

Second Born Dear Daughter recently brought to light an article from titled, “What The American Kitchen Looked Like The Year You Were Born.”

As I clicked through those photos and brief explanatory comments of a kitchen’s appearance since the 1920s, I felt as though I was flipping through the domestic pages of my life.

A likeness to the old Monarch cook stove that saw continuous day-to-day use by Mom in the 1940s held a place of respect in the article. My family’s old vintage Monarch now serves as a well-loved decorating/storage accessory in my kitchen.

I can only imagine Mom’s utter joy when her droll kitchen of the mid-20th Century was magically transformed into happiness! Mom altered drab into fresh just with the strokes of a paint brush.

A Touch of Brilliance

Not only did our physical kitchen endure a makeover, but white walls and appliances along with brilliant red counter tops and linoleum flooring exchanged a psychological feeling of heaviness for a breath-of-fresh-air mentality. Color has a gigantic affect on job performance!

If you are close to my “vintage,” how can one forget the kitchens of avocado green and harvest gold coloration? My post-college apartment of the early 1970s welcomed me with an efficiency kitchen all decked out in those stylin’ hues.

In the interim, whispering pastels and adventuresome bold hues in both wall and appliance colors made their marks.

Fast-forward to the muted tones of gray, espresso, and black that define today’s home kitchens. The color wheel has spun full-circle, Dear Readers!

As the tick-tock of life progressively advances, there is no doubt that kitchen design features and color patterns will be updated to continually breathe life into the home

The kitchen…it’s not just for food prep.

Miss NiNi