The Little Darlin’s – Cake Truffles

I call them The Little Darlin’s.

Dear Readers, one might think that this term of affection is designated for my two favorite little people in our family. It certainly does fit the description of our Grands, Little Missy and Little Sir!

However, in this week’s baking chat, I’m referring to Delicious Defined Little Darlin’s that have been created by the entire talented Miss NiNi team.

Since Miss NiNi’s dessert portfolio does not include the addition of cupcakes—big, medium, or mini—the team and I were on the hunt, so to speak, for a unique little cake treat that would flatter the handcrafted cheesecakes, layer cakes, coffee cake, dessert breads, cookies, and brownies that are showcased day in and day out at the desserterie.

Some of my favorite times with the Miss NiNi team are when we ponder aloud and share our think-outside-the-box ideas.

An Outside-the-Box-Idea

The criteria for our task was this: create a two-to-three bite mini cake dessert using Miss NiNi’s from-scratch, award-winning recipes. Cake and frosting would be enrobed in an elegant coating and simply but exquisitely adorned in the Miss NiNi style of dessert presentation.

This dessert would fill the vacuum of requests for tiny desserts for many special events.

The Miss NiNi baking crew was up for our challenge!

Baker, I-Love-To-Bake-and-Decorate Cakes, Miss Ashley, readied the cake.

Baker and Test-Kitchen-Experimenter-Extraordinaire, Miss Jill, then ‘played with’ balancing the cake/frosting ratio in order to determine the most pleasing taste and texture combination in wee size. Voila! Miss NiNi’s Cake Truffles were formulated.

Did we use any box cake mixes or commercially prepared frostings to make the winning combination? No siree, Dear Readers! That is definitely not the Miss NiNi style!

To keep the integrity of the spherical mini desserts, they were then dipped in various colors of candy coating and then simply adorned by the gifted hands of baker Jill–lemon poppy seed truffles dipped in pastel yellow, champagne cake truffles coated in winter white, and chocolate truffles bathed in liquid dark chocolate.

The Name

Certainly, we could have named them Cake Balls or Cake Pops which might be more common tag names for this type of dessert. However, the given name of something so delightfully pretty and scrumptiously appealing needed to be fitting of space within the brightly lit dessert case. Therefore, the name on their ‘birth certificate’ is Cake Truffles.

Cake Truffles

Are they a candy? Are they a cake? Dear Readers, you will need to sink your teeth into them in order to best make that decision. Whatever you decide, though, I know that once you see them, you too, will call them Little Darlin’s.

Oh… has the Miss NiNi Baking Team concluded the chapter on truffle development with only Cake Truffles, Dear Readers? If you answered, “No,” you are correct! These Little Darlin’s will soon be joined at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie by newly created dessert cousins.

Cheesecake Truffles are on their way! Can anyone say, ‘Hooray?!’

Miss NiNi